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Will atorvastatin affect a thyroid function test?

I have a very lovely Dr who ordered ft4 and ft3 tests! Even with a very normal tsh of 1.1 she looked at an old test done June last year and apparently I had my ft4 done then but I didn't know about it. She didn't tell me the result but did hhmmm at it in way that made me think it didn't look right lol. Thing is she prescribed artovastatin and ramipril for hypertension and cholesterol and was just wondering if they would have any effect on my thyroid test and maybe cause a false result. Should I wait until after my blood test to start or do you think it would be ok to start them now?

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Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? If so, don't take your thyroid meds before the blood test. I, personally, would wait till you have your blood tests before taking the statins. A higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and usually when on optimum thyroid gland medication it does come down.

If you have hypertension, you need to take that medication.


Will they affect the results anyway? As I'm waiting for a possible diagnosis I don't want to take them yet until after the blood test incase it could give a false result. Also I replied below as well!


I've not been diagnosed yet as the Dr wants to check my bloods first because I have a very strong family history of thyroid issues and have a lot of clinical symptoms for it as well.


I don't usually take anything at all the morning of a blood test just to be on the safe side.

Hypothyroidism, even borderline, can cause hypertension and high cholesterol. It maybe that if you are borderline hypothyroid, a low dose of thyroxine might sort out you blood pressure and cholesterol without the need for other medication.

I'm pleased to hear your doctor is taking this seriously and doing the necessary tests. It makes a nice change to hear it :)

Taking your blood first thing in the morning is best because your TSH will be naturally higher.

I hope you get the results and treatment that makes you better.

Carolyn x

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am meant to take them at night so I won't take them the night before my blood test. I have been reading online and statins can cause the thyroid to seem hyper so I'm not starting them until after so will see how I go but thank you again for your reply.


Carolyn has given a good answer.


Thank you


You may think your doctor is taking it seriously but to give you statins!! WRONG!! Statins should NOT be given to thyroid patients as they inhibit the production of hormones and useful enzymes.


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