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Son's Thyroid Function Test Results


My son (4 yr old), at the request of the GP, had a thyroid function test done. The results are:

TSH 1.89mU/L (0.27-4.2)

FT4 14.1pmol/L (12-22)

He had been feeling unwell and very tired. To the extent that he could not walk any distance without complaining (unusual for him as he usually very active). He has been feeling a little better, but still pale/drawn. He also suffers from constipation (not sure if this is relevant).

I myself have primary Hypothyroidism as do my sisters and two cousins (that I know of).

So I'm wondering:

a) Is his FT4 on the low side? GP said that the results were normal.

b) Is there a chance that he will develop hypothyroidism?

My other son has an appointment with the Paediatrician this coming Thursday. He has been suffering regular bouts of sore throats and lethargy since he was at least 4 years old. He had a TFT done about 2-3 years ago which according to the GP were normal (I hoping the Paed can look up these results). He is regularly off sick from school and is constantly pale with rings under his eyes. He too suffered from constipation when smaller.

Anybody else Hypo and have children with similar symptoms?

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Has your son been tested for coeliac disease? The malabsorption can reduce iron intake, which in turn produces fatigue.

Are his iron levels low in the blood results?

The first test for coeliac is a blood test to see if there are high amounts of antibodies in his blood. If so, then an endoscopy will be performed for further proof.

My five year old son had severe constipation and his stools were unusual (round balls). He also seemed a bit slim compared to his twin. As I have coeliac disease, I mentioned these points to the doctor this year and he was subsequently diagnosed with coeliac disease.

If he is coeliac, you can get gluten free food for on prescription and the products today are a lot better than when I was younger.

Good luck and hope your little guy feels better soon :)


may I add Vit D, B12 and folate into the mix?

I so agree, gut conditions, like coeliac, low B12 result in malabsorption of essential nutrients.

Moci - please don't underestimate the importance of vital minerals - esp Vit D (a "Steroid Hormone Precursor" - essential for bone health and much more) Jane :D


Could you ask your GP to test his FT3? And maybe cortisol levels. Your other son's symptoms describe me as a child. I found out 2 years ago that I have adrenal problems. Only took just over 50 years to work it out!


Thank you for your replies.

Possible gluten intolerance: The whole family have gone gluten free since Tuesday evening. My husband has terrible 'gut' symptoms all similar to gluten sensitivity. He will not go to the doctors with it, so I have decided to take responsibility. I figure that it won't hurt us. I also read last week that primary hypothyroidism is linked with Coeliac/Gluten Sensitivity, so there is no harm in ruling that out on my behalf and, potentially, the children also.

Vitamins & Minerals: We all take a multivitamin supplement which includes Vit D and Omega-3. There is no B12 included, however, I take a Yarrow B12 supplement (when I remember). Is it suitable for children to take?

At my older son's appointment with the Paediatrician, I asked about his Thyroid. He looked up his previous results and thought they were fine. I did ask about testing for FT3 and he said that the NHS don't routinely test for that in children. Or adults as it turns out.

However, he did discover that my son was constipated, with his lower intestines bunged with poo! (sorry TMI) Apparently, chronic constipation can produce all the symptoms listed in my original post. So we are going to deal with that first, and come back in 6 months. If the constipation has cleared up/been managed and he is still suffering, then he will do further investigations. I am happy with this recommendations, especially as he said to do the same for my younger son, who was also present during the appointment. One interesting thing he did say was that children are more likely to be wheat than gluten insensitive, but to try gluten free as we had already started and see how it goes. Also, avoid grapes - their skin is not good for constipation (I've been feed my kids these since they were little to help them go!). The nice thing was that he actually listened, and gave helpful advice.

So we are off on a journey of Movicol, apple-, pear-, & pineapple juice, and bread that tastes like cardboard.

Many thanks again for your helpful advice, and Sandy12 - I will pm you if that is ok.



Hi mocidoci, if you are going to trial being gluten free then it is really important to be 100% gluten free, as even a tiny bit of gluten may stop you seeing the benefits.


Hi MidnightBlue,

I know. It's going to be so hard to change our lifestyle. The last two weeks have been spent reading websites, and bookmarking recipes in advance of going gluten free. Bread will be the hardest - already my husband is complaining! However, I am determined to give it a go as despite been finally on the right dose of Levo after 1 year of hell, I still don't feel completely right. I'm crossing my fingers that changing my diet, taking B12, and vit/minerals supplements will see an improvement in my overall health, and that of my family. There's just too much bad temper, poor concentration and lethargy in my house and it all needs to change.


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