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thyroid function test

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Hi all,

I am really suffering from depression and anxiety since having my little by 10 months ago.

I just had my bloods done and they tested my thyroid, the result says 0.46 for serum TSH level, the range given is 0.35-4.94.

the result seems low to me but have no idea really, the text on the print out says - tell patient normal.

I feel so wired all the time, racing heart, general anxiety.

Just wondered if anyone had any opinions on this?


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Partridge, your TSH is in the normal (euthyroid) range ie you are neither hyperthyroid nor hypothyroid and these conditions aren't responsible for your symptoms. It's good to have TSH at the low end of the range as most people will experience hypothyroid symptoms when it is at the top of the range.

Anxiety and depression can cause palpitations and your GP may be able to prescribe anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication to cope with your post-partum depression.

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Clutter, how about Partridge getting her FT4 or FT3 tested?

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This was also an interesting piece on Clutters/admin's page, hope it helps.

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Oh no, the link is not working properly, Clutter can you direct partridge to it from your page?

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Priscilla, I don't have a page. The link you posted was from

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When I clicked on your name Clutter, it came up with posts that it seemed you had put there, I didn't assume you wrote them I just tried to direct Partridge to the link from your page as I called it-what should I have called it instead of your page?


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Priscilla, when you click on someone's username it takes you to their profile page and you can see their posts and replies (user activity) but I don't recall posting about or linking to

These are the posts on my profile page

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Thanks for explaining:)

This was the title I found posted on your profile page re: Thyroid titled; "Are we treating a lab test or the patient?" Useful Thyroid Tests and the Importance of Looking Beyond the Numbers.

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Ok, gotcha now Priscilla. I don't remember the sources for most stuff I post. This is the link

Hi Partridge, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like this,

unfortunately if the TSH is within range labs don't tend to test for FT4, but this is a better indicator of Thyroid function - your GP could specifically request this, and please go back to your GP for help.

Just in case it may help, my daughter's Vitamin D deficiency was put down to post-natal depression, she was exhausted and also was not eating well - so I will always suggest members have iron, B12 & folate, vitamin D tested too - anything to help feel better.

With very best wishes Jane x

Thank you all for your replies, I will look into what you have suggested.

I know everyone says'within range' and indeed it is, but I was interested in your comment about 'feeling wired'. It IS possible that you might just be starting to get a little bit hyper, so I would have thought it would be very useful to ask if they could test for antibodies.

You see, if, for example, you have Hashis antibodies in your system, they can cause a temporary hyper effect followed by a hypo phase. And, to be quite honest, althoug your TSH IS in the normal range, it is right at the bottom of the normal range, which is actually quite unusual in someone who is not on thyroid medication. I would definitely say keep an eye on things, and if you are worried, go and ask for an antibody test.

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Thanks for your feedback Marram, I will go and have a chat with my GP, although I do feel that I have to beg for them to test anything. I am really scared about taking the anti depressants that have been prescibed and I feel that they see that as the only solution.

Many thanks


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Hi partridge

If your GP only did the TSH that's not a perfect test in any way as our TSH can vary throughout the day. Marram made a good suggestion re antibodies as she has already been through it.

When you are having a blood test for antibodies, also ask for a Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, ferritin and folate check . We are usually deficient.

When you are having a blood test for thyroid gland it's best to have it first thing and if you are on thyroid meds (I know your not) you don't take it until after the test.

Doctors and Endocrinologists are not very good at diagnosing problems with thyroid gland as they rely too much on the TSH blood test and not the clinical symptoms, of which you appear to have.

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