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Anxiety and Underactive Thyroid


I have this horrible thing where I wake up early in the morning feeling really anxious. I'm not anxious at any other time of the day.

I can't put my finger on why I feel like this. I tell myself that but it won't go away until I'm up, usually knackered.

Maybe it's nothing to do with the thyroid at all but I'm just wondering if anyone can identify with it.


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Well I used to suffer from terrible anxiety in the early hours after I was diagnosed as hashi/ hypo. So you have my sympathy. It was hard to know whether it was the peri-menopause, hashi attack or just my adrenals not being able to cope with anything at all due to other stress related matters . Horrible feeling, and I also used to have panic attacks during the day too. Gradually as I got more stabilised on thyroid meds, supporting the adrenals in the process and being able to deal with the menopause symptoms plus going gluten free as I blood tested as a coeliac , I slowly recovered.

I don't know if you have posted on the forum previously, so forgive me as I'm a newbie here, but, are you hypothyroid and do you have any history / test results/ meds you could post for people on the forum in order that others might be able to comment?




I also suffered from crippling anxiety first during the night early hours (it can be linked to poor adrenal function)then most of the time that was the main driver which got me to the doctors as I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I was diagnosed hypothyroid etc etc...., anyway have since seen doctor P who had treated my adrenals and I am feeling much better so always a god one to eliminate on your path to wellness. I am also on a gluten free diet and have found this also very helpful in reducing my symptoms

Good luck on your journey to wellness


Yes sounds like adrenal problems - low cortisol and/or low DHEA.

I did a saliva test and it showed low morning cortisol.

I'm supporting my adrenals and take Nature -Throid (has been hypo for years but not diagnosed) Feeling much better in the mornings now.


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