hi everyone

Not sure how to describe this, but does anyone get their words mixed up when talking, almost to the point of not being able to get a decent sentence out clearly? Also when you are about to say a word, but sort of think of another word at the same time so a totally different word comes out which combines the two words, so it isnt even a word!? Make sense? I do this and then when i can hear its coming out wrong my brain sort of kicks in and stops me saying it so i sort of stop mid word and it sounds even worse. Ive also noticed my hands and body have started to shake! I do suffer from significant anxiety and am taking sertraline for this, im also very tired 😀

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  • I have definitly found this at times, Especially if there is a room of people and I quickly try to get in on the convertation. I was begining to think it was my age, but it isnt because it doesnt happen always, just on 'brain fog' days. if you know what I mean.x

  • Yeh it's so weird I can be talking then I go silent and think what was we just talking about πŸ™ˆ It's really frightening lol xx

  • At my worst I would forget words, struggle to put a sentence together and even slur my words. What are your blood results?

  • I'm not sure I've never asked for a copy, this is all new to me xx

  • Ask for a copy. You're allowed a copy of your results. Then post them here for members to interpret.

    Regarding your word query - my husband and I call it "losing my words". It's a known symptom of hypo. I couldn't remember the name for "breakfast" the other day but I knew what I wanted to say. I became so frustrated that I couldn't think of the word that I blurted out "morning lunch!" to get my husband to understand what I was talking about.

  • it's not only HYPOthyroid sufferers who get this ... it was a huge symptom of mine and I have Graves Disease ..

    It was so bad I thought I was losing my mind .. I would be looking at an object ... as simple as a cat ... and I would be completely unable to say the word Cat !

    Once I had taken the anti Thyroid meds and topped up my vitamins and minerals for my Immune System ..and thyroid ...

    My brain fog left me .. thank God !

    You need to find out what deficiencies you have and address supplementing them ..

    Good luck


  • Oh yes! That and a lot more! Forgetting what I'm talking about, mid-sentence, is another fun symptom - because they are symptoms of low T3 - aka hypo. As is anxiety. Have you been diagnosed hypo? What are you taking, and how much? Do you have copies of your latest labs?

  • Yes I was diagnosed in august I'm taking 50mg of levothyroxine! It's a nightmare it's so scary I'm thinking the worst is wrong with me lol I'm not sure of my results I've never asked to look at them.. I'm 27 I didn't even think you could get it at this age x

  • You can get it at any age - you can be born with it! I think mine dates back to when I was about 8, but no tests were done until I was 55!

    Just ring the receptionist at the surgery and ask for a print-out of your last results, and when it would be convenient to pick them up? If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a copy of them under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

    50 mcg is a starter dose. How long have you been on it? You should have been retested six weeks after starting it, and your dose increased by 25 mcg. And, that process should be repeated until all your symptoms have gone. Sound like your doctor has been negligent! Time to start taking the situation in hand. :)

  • I've been on them since start of august I had a retest and my thyroid levels had gone back to normal but I started to feel very tired all day everyday so my doctor put me up another 25mg a couple of weeks ago but since then I've been shaking and my words just don't come out properly.. so went for another blood test today xx

  • OK, well, make sure you get a copy of the results - with the ranges - and post them on here. Your doctor should have started you on 50 mcg - or even 75 mcg - at your age. Obviously another GP that knows little about thyroid!

  • Okay I'll go round tomorrow they always come back the next day and I'll get them from reception! Thankyou so much it's hard to talk to someone about this because I don't know anyone with it x

  • Stick with this group and we'll help as much as we can.. it's been a life saver for many of us x

  • Thankyou! Also what about tirednessand feeling cold all the time.. I drive my boyfriend mad when I'm putting the heating on all the time lol xx

  • That's hypo! They are two of the main hypo symptoms.

  • Oh god what does that mean? .

  • Sorry? What does what mean?

  • Sorry I was rushing.. does that mean my tablets have made my levels go over normal? X

  • You're confusing me, now! Hypo is when your thyroid hormone levels are too low. You are taking levo because your thyroid hormone levels are too low. The levo should raise them. However, 50 mcg is not going to raise them very far. And, you have loads of hypo symptoms, ipso facto, your thyroid hormone levels are still too low so you are still hypo.

    Are you confusing hypo with hyper?

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no I have an underactive thyroid, my doctor put me on 50mg to start & my levels went back to normal but I was feeling very tired so she increased my meds to 75mg since my meds have gone up I'm feeling like my speech is not right and I'm shaky and cold lol does that make sense? X

  • Well, your dose is still not high enough, obviously, because you still have all these hypos symptoms. Doesn't matter that you've only had them since she increased your dose, these things happen. But, if your levels had gone 'over normal', you wouldn't have hypo symptoms.

  • If I post my results on here tomorrow would you understand them because I don't have a clue x

  • Yes, no problem. :)

  • Thankyou this is so confusing.. I'm going to have to learn all about it! And I'll speak to my doctor at my next appointment but I'll go to the suregerytomorrow to get my results printed x

  • Yes, get your results and start a new post on here with them. You need to include the ranges too (numbers in brackets next to your results) so we can advise x

  • Okay thankyou so much xx

  • Ask your Gp surgery if they can give you online access to your results. Most GPS have this.

  • Underactive thyroid and hypothyroid are words for the same thing. Hypo means you have too little, so hypothyroid just means too little thyroid.

  • Me too

  • Mention it and you will probably find others.I discovered four neighbours were hypo.

  • My mums just been diagnosed with it to and my auntie and cousin so must be a family thing!, there in the same boat but none of us are getting the same symptoms, mum just feels tired xx

  • There are some 300 symptoms so it is no surprise that different symptoms come to the fore in different individuals.

    One of the daftest which affected me ( as well as cold and exhaustion) was the loss of the outer third of my eyebrows.

  • Oh god it better not touch my eyebrows 😳 Xxx

  • Yes an me not had eyebrows for years

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune under active thyroid a year ago. My GP started me on 25mcg Levothyroxine and since then my blood tests have been normal so she's kept me on that dose. However, I wake in the morning with a huge flush of what feels like adrenaline. I'm very stressed over the slightest thing and quite emotional. I get palpitations too. I don't know whether to ask my Dr to increase my dose, but don't think she will with my blood tests being ok?

    I also suffer from Sjogrens Syndrome so sometimes it's difficult to know what's causing what!

    Also, for many years I've had, maybe only a few times a year, symptoms like food intolerance. The pains in my bowel were unbearable and I used to feel as if I was passing out. Since being on thyroxine, touch wood this seems to have cleared up - anyone else found this?

  • Janspenc, you will get more replies and suggestions if you post these questions in a thread of your own. Not many people are going to see this, now, because it's way down the list. But, they will want to know what your results actually are - the numbers and the ranges - not just 'in-range', which is meaningless. So, if you haven't got them, ask your surgery to print them out for you. If you live in the UK, it's your legal right to have a copy.

    But, confidentially, it does sound like your doctor's being a bit of an a***, with little knowledge of thyroid, because 25 mcg is less than a starter dose, and no patient should be left on that does for more than six weeks. :)

  • Diagnosed on May '17 with TSH of 7.50 referred (reluctantly) to an endo who recommended I take 30 mcg of Levo. Had 1 surgery blood test (Told I would need to wait six month) so I joined Forum and discovered I needed a more regular test! I had a recent blood test with Blue Horizon and doctors comments said" the TSH is slightly elevated at 4.27 and T3 is 3.3(normal range?) so maybe an increase in dose is needed. It is possible that your dose is too low or you have forgotten to take on occasion.' (NEVER HAVE)


    1)Should I still be feeling bad?: Cold, Tired, Constipated, Unsteady with slurred speech and Brain Fog!

    2)Can I retrospectively ask GP for previous blood test results? I believe there are 8 outstanding and as GP "was keeping an eye" on TSH readings (for almost 5 years) I am just interested to know what readings were?

    Sorry about FONT PC seems to have a mind of its own.

    3) I have recently had a fasting(by choice)Hashimotos and TSH blood test at surgery and presume I can have that as well? (awaiting results)

  • No, the computer doesn't have a mind of its own. lol It only does what you tell it. And, I can see where instead of putting your finger on the upper case key, you put it on Ctrl just below, and typed 'I'. That will give you italics. You then did it again on the B of Brain, and got bold and italics. But, never mind.

    I really think you ought to start a new thread with these questions, because I can't answer question about how UK surgeries work, I don't live there. And, if you have a question about should you still have symptoms, people are going to need a lot more information. Just saying T3 is 3.3 is meaningless without the range. But, I will say that your TSH is still much too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. It should be one, or less. So, I think that answers that question: you're still hypo. :)

  • Thanks for info appreciate your time

  • Oh, I can definitely empathise with this! I forget words, my spoken vocabulary has diminished, I say one word and mean another, I combine words to create nonsense words, I sometimes slur my words.

    In writing I'm better than I am at speaking but my spelling has deteriorated. I also swap letters in words - e.g. I will often type rnage instead of range, or natibody instead of antibody.

    I also have a problem with homophones i.e. words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. For example, their and there - the one I type comes out at random even though I know the difference between the two and know which one should be used in different circumstances. Also, no and know, new and knew, right and write. When I use these in sentences it's basically luck whether I use the right one.

    I use a spelling add-on with my browser that highlights misspellings. But no and know (for example) are both valid words, so they don't get highlighted when I make a mistake in their usage.

    Another thing I struggle with is writing a sentence then reading it back to myself, and I can't decide whether or not it makes any sense or whether I've written random gibberish. On the worst days I will sometimes write posts then delete them without posting because I can't convince myself they make any sense.

  • I think I prefer natibodies. :D

  • I do that regularly-think I'm typing the word correctly but actually getting the letters in the wrong order.The worst language thing for me is knowing what word I want to say but not being able to get it out,so my sentence grinds to snail speed.Drives me nuts.

  • I've noticed I've been doing that aswell with typing.. I've put on auto correct it's so embarrassing and scary πŸ™ˆ When I'm talking I've got to pause then awkward silence while I remember what I want to say xx

  • Identical to me.Its been happening for a few years now.I am 67 so I get it in combination with the senior moments of the over-50s.A double whammy?

  • Know EXACTLY what you mean!

  • Snap.... exactly. Also I blank mid word and or mid sentence and stop talking then have no idea what I was saying. Haven't used the phone for years though skype isn't as bad as a least I can hand signal that brains gone on holiday so can't speak for a minute. Also at times I cannot understand what is being said to me, its as if they're speaking a foreign language I only vaguely recognise.

  • 100% get you! I have to stop and think about what people are saying & I stop and think hmm what was I talking about then I remember πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • Oh God, their and there are terrible for me. You're and your, ouch! In the past I'm sure I knew which one applied to which situation. But now even if I sit and think about it I can't work out which one to use.

  • Middle aged and older women often complain of these symptoms regardless of whether they have thyroid problems. Think peri and post menopause in particular and those who have fibromyalgia or CFS. For an 'oldie' like me, heaven forbid, it's not a sign of dementia!

    My autoimmune thyroid disease (hypothyroid)... my GP says it's not Hashi's (go figure!) developed later in life so sometimes it's difficult 'to see the wood from the trees', if you get my drift.

  • Ditto and change names

  • Yup!I've had that plenty of times...comes with hypo territory...sometimes I can't even type things making sense!it's when I feel really undermedicated and fatigued or crashing.

  • I had similar problems when it came to talking to people and I was hyper. I would be talking and feel that people were looking at me as if what I was saying didn't make sense. It was horrible. I think (hope!) I've gone back to normal now.

  • I made my partner a cup of black coffee yesterday. He's never drunk black coffee. My neighbour knocked on the door and pointed to the lock......there were my keys I'd left in there. Lol. I painted my nails not long ago and put the nail varnish back in the fridge. I'm getting worse and worse....it feels like I have dementia. A lot of times I can't remember names or how to put words together. It's quite frightening sometimes. I'm still smiling though. πŸ˜€

  • Omg I do that all the time leave my car keys in the door πŸ™ˆ! I also lost my phone and found it in the kitchen food cupboard πŸ™ˆ It's stupid things like going up stairs to get something, get something totally different walk down stairs and remember why I originally went up there 😀 Xx

  • Yes, these are absolutely the same symptoms as I have. In fact, I used to be a university teacher but I got to the point where I had to give up classroom teaching (I still do a little bit of online teaching). I was getting feedback from the students that I didn't know my subject and didn't know what I was talking about! I'd taught for 20 years before that with no problems at all.

    It's very worrying when you get symptoms like this but, yes, it's typical hypothyroid (underactive) symptoms I'm afraid.

  • Aww thats sad!! I'm glad other people have what I have but the symptoms aren't great 😀 Xx

  • Well, I'm 60 now - I was due to retire anyway. I've taken up writing/self-publishing now so I'm happy. Got fed up of working for other people instead of myself. :-)

  • How long have you been taking Sertraline?Are you stable on a dose that suits you?Only asking because it does make some people very tired,especially during the first few weeks.If you've been on it a while,then its more likely your underactive thyroid is making you tired.

  • I've been on there for a year now same dose I'm on 50mg I think I need them at a higher dose because I've started feeling anxious again πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • I've been on them for over 6 months.I started on 25mg & raised to 25mg alternating with 50mcgs.Now on 33.33mgs per day(ie 25mg/25mg/50mg)but will raise if I hit a stress wall.I do not find them sedating if on the right dose.My niece was taking 50mgs but has raised to 100mg.

  • Taytaydarz, Anxiety is also a symptom of being underactive thyroid. So the anxiety may start reducing when your dose gets sorted.

  • Oh yes! Re except from my post some months ago:

    '.. oh and let us not forget the brain fog. Meeting up with a friend that I hadn't seen for many years. She asked me what my husband's name was, I was just mid sentence, finishing what I was saying & didn't seem to have the brain power to instantaneously adjust & answer her, which panicked me & yes, you may have guessed it; I had a complete blank - just couldn't think of his name! I hid it by prattling on with what I was saying until it came to me, and then answered her. Cringingly hoping that I'd gotten away with it! Lol! That's got to be an all time low! Thank goodness for Richard Magley, mentioning on TV that once, with his first wife, when introducing her, he panicked and forgot her name (as well as the person he was introducing her to) - made me feel a lot better! πŸ˜…

  • I think that's the first and last time anyone will ever say "Thank goodness for Richard Madeley"


  • Yup..major symptom for me. For me personally, the cognitive disfunction is worse than the physical side--though that's bad enough.

    Can't remember names of common household objects. Can't string sentences together, with effort I manage a few then I start 'blanking' as I call it..Word tangling..COMPLETELY forgetting what I'm talking about/reading/watching on telly - sometimes it comes back to within seconds or minutes, often it doesn't :( I am my mind. I use humour to cope, but it's actually devistating.

    Sending you a bear-of-little-thyroid-brain solidarity hug x

  • Totally devastating. Humour essential!

  • Have followed all these replays . Thank you all for sharing, I now know l am not losing the plot. Today l couldn't recall my neighbours name. Also found my missing hot water bottle in the shoe cupboard. Lol

  • Well theres some logic to it, you were probably thinking feet 😜

  • For me I am mid sentence and I know there is a word that describes exactly what I mean. I can think of others that sort of work but know there is a better one just out of reach. Really frustrating. Usually an adjective. Not sure if it is Levo lack of T3 or Statins which I hear can do this. Have been able to come off Statins and BP meds recently so am monitoring. But yes I get the grasping for words that I used to know well

  • Maggimay

    Statins don't do women any good. They won't extend your life at all. The human body makes cholesterol because it needs it. Personally I wouldn't take statins even if you paid me. Read this by Dr Malcolm Kendrick :


    His whole blog is worth reading - he has a special interest in statins, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease generally.

  • I don't take them any more. I. Think the damage is done though. I stopped taking them on the advice of an optician after they affected my vision?

  • I liked your post - but only because you've stopped taking statins. I'm sorry you've had permanent damage from them.

    My late mother was put on statins. She developed prediabetes and cataracts. Neither of these conditions has occurred before in my extended family, as far as I know, and I blame the statins for them.

  • Sorry about your mum. Stations evil l had vision probs agonising pain which l still have. I suspect the high chol and high BP caused by wrongly medicated thyroid. 6 emergency were caused by bowl ceasing to function and total collapse also caused by totally wrongly medicated thyroid. Several other severe health emergencies and misery caused by arrogant doctors not listening. Sigh

  • Big fan of Dr Kendrick.

  • Please make sure you have the following tested B12 - FOLATE - FERRITIN - VitD. Low B12 could be the cause of some of your cognitive issues.

    ALWAYS obtain copies if all your test results with ranges - they are legally yours. That way you can monitor your progress and ensure the Doc has not missed anything !

  • Yes :(

  • Yea all the time. I'm so confused don't know whether to blame my anxiety/depression or my thyroid lol x

  • Yes definitely your not alone

  • Yep get that all the time... check vitamins for shaking if your medication seems ok

  • Had this with hyper too - one of the many symptoms we seem to share. (Fairly easy to sort hypers from hypos however- we hypers are the ones turning down the heating, opening all the windows and wearing t shirts in the middle of winter!)

  • Beg to differ - I am hypo & heat intolerant, break out in sweat for no reason, wear sandals & t shirts in winter & windows open & no heating unless Baltic.

  • Same, AND was heat intolerant well before my early menopause. Think it started at some point in my 20s, I'm in my 40s now.

  • And some people who are hyper put on weight, even while thyroid levels still high...no hard and fast rules on symptoms !

  • Sorry have to say it but im exactly the same i get my words jumbled up and make a new word ftom 2 words its rubbish, and i talk so fast words come out a blur but im hyper!!

  • What does hyper mean? Over active? Xx

  • Yes hyperthyroidism but our meds are different. I suffer crazy fast heartbeat, heat intolerance,vpanic attacks, muscle aches and alot more just like hypos do. You need to learn alot about your condition as basically its your life and you need to take charge, i am recently diagnosed and joined this site 1 month ago and the knowledge i have fained from all these lovely people who give up their time to support you when you are frightened and dont know what is what is superb!! You will learn alot and that is what you need as no useless gp will pull the wool over your eyes.xx

  • You are not alone and have come to the right place, between us we have seen it all. Many find symptoms seem worse when they initially start treatment and it can be slow going as you cant rush hormones, it can feel very frustrating.

    Go onto your profile and add a bit of back story to your bio, this will save you having to keep repeating basics, you can put diagnosis and other test results on there to show treatment history, which makes it easy to cut and paste into posts or replies. If you havent already tried it click on a profile name and you can read their bio if its been filled in, it helps give a sense of who you are talking to and their own experiences.

    I know its hard when your brain is 'foggy' but you need to get reading so you can recognise whether you are receiving good treatment, unfortunately many GPs have only very basic knowledge, you need need one who listens to you and doesnt just see test results. Dont stick with a bad one.

    The main Thyroid UK site is a good start as are reading previous posts, you will soon notice common themes especially when it comes to poor treatment. There is a good 'what to expect from disgnosis and treatment' section and a symptom checklist, you probably have a few you didn't realise were connected.

  • Its frustrating and scary when you worry about dementia , but its not , its hypo brain fog , frustrating and indicates your levels are not good , ask gp for blood test snd ask for it to include free t3 this should show up in balance , xx

  • All the time! I have overactive . I asked my friend how she got on with her fish instead of feet! Also asked her if the Cornish butter she bought actually came from Cornland. Good job she is underactive and knows what I'm talking about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ have to be careful when it's not someone I know have to concentrate on my words then.

  • This sounds so familiar. When at my worst, 13 years ago, brain fog was so bad I felt as though I was developing dyslexia (took me half an hour to read a page of a book and then couldn't remember what I'd read and my spelling became awful) and my mental maths was dreadful. I was convinced I'd got some form of dementia.(A brain specialist said this was a pseudo-dementia caused by hypothyroidism but once my meds were optimal I would be okay)

    As for speech....My brain and mouth just couldn't work together and I developed a condition called spasmodic dysphonia. I went to speech therapy which helped but it was when I discovered a wonderful website by a lady called Julie Melody (no longer there now I'm afraid) who was hypothyroid and suffered from the same thing. She found relief from it once she was treated with - wait for it- T3!!

    That was when I went on my mission to get this added to my meds. I had all the usual tests by a sympathetic endo and discovered I wasn't converting the T4 to T3. He added 10 mcg of T3 to my thyroxine and my life totally improved. It was as if the huge blanket I'd been living under finally lifted and my speech virtually improved overnight.

    Eventually I was reduced to 5 mcg but periodically I know now when I'm no converting well just through 'feeling it' and for a few days go back to 10mcg.

  • Thats exactly what im suffering right now (from a lot of months ago!!)

  • When someone watch me speaking they say "it's like he is locked in a dream" , only this is sufficient to notice my low perception of reality, its so awful :(

  • Yes I too have these problems of word finding difficulty, and losing the track of what I'm saying.

    I find if I type as I think - I read it back and sometimes miss out prepositions and parts of sentences so I have to re write everything.

    This can occur in many other conditions such as cerebral narrowing of the arteries, or in the heart.

    With circulation difficulties and with high blood pressure.

    The brain fog description to me is when you feel congested and have mucus in your ears or sinuses. I feel better on fine days than in damp wet weather.

    What can you do to help your self? You can try and improve your auditory memory span.

    Get your someone to repeat a series of numbers starting with three numbers and going up to

    11 numbers the same as your mobile phone. Find a small recorder, and record your efforts

    from day to day. Do this for about 5 minutes a day.

    The next step is to listen to someone saying a short sentence and say it back in the exact word order. Increase the length of the sentence.

    The next method is to read a short sentence aloud then say it back without looking - It's harder than you think!

    Your family must not criticise or make any comment about your responses but keep a straight face or you will be put off and give it up as a bad job.

    My husband is impatient - so I quit in a temper!

    The B vitamin and blood tests for anaemia might be necessary. B 12 deficiency as Marz has mentioned is important as deficiencies of the b vitamins and c vitamins can give symptoms which

    may be classed as intellectual deficit . Iodine deficiency can again affect your intellect even in the unborn child Playing games such as the Ministers cat -h were you go shopping and have to remember the articles in the shopping basket are helpful - not to be played at dinner parties with snobby clever folk! (Former Speech Therapist- Rehabilitation centres, Hospitals and Schools.).

  • Oh dear this is me, exactly. :( I was trying to explain to the builders redoing our paving today what I wanted and it came out as nonsense, pretty much. Sigh. It's worse if I'm anxious/stressed. I even do it when talking to myself or the cat. :D

    The shaking I found had a connection to blood sugar, I find if I eat something then they go away pretty fast, but I haven't been troubled too much with that lately (until this week, because I'm stressed over the building work, and got the shakes again).

  • Happens to me all the time x

  • Yes, totally can relate. Had a job interview earlier this week, thankfully the brain fog was not at its worst but still had issues stringing simple sentences together at times. It stinks!

  • Same here. Sometimes rarely but it happens that I say something and forget imediately what i said.

  • Yes I get tongue tangled at times. Also I apparently talk very slow according to my family!

  • Yes!!! It's like I haven't put my teeth in. Really weird. Used to being a super-articulate fast talker 😧

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's so funny you've made my day hahaha xx

  • Isn't it great to know you're not alone? 😊☺️

  • Yes.

  • Yes! And even when writing sometimes, I just can't think of what to put, and also my handwriting is dire when I feel like that, and I also can't handle taking in any information

  • Yes I get the same thing as well

  • I would reply to this, but I can't... find... the words... :D

  • I have this problem too..omg..I was feeling pretty stupid. Nice to hear I'm not alone, but I am finding it difficult to work even a 4 hour shift. I don't like to feel I might mess up..

  • Yes, this is one of the symptoms that prompted a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I'd started to worry I was developing some sort of early dementia and had started recording how often it happened but after just a couple of weeks of Levo I'm definitely seeing a notable improvement already.

  • Can any one tell me why I have so much pain in my hands and legs

  • I was having so many problems with words that I was sent for an MRI to check for a tumour (thankfully nothing found).

    I mixed words up, said completely the wrong words, forgot what objects were called eg the TV. I knew what it was, just couldn't remember what it was called and slurred words too. It was a nightmare, embarrassing and VERY scary.

    Fingers crossed I am properly medicated now (thanks to the EXPERTS here on TUK) and all vitamins etc are now optimal and this has eased a lot. However I still notice it seems to return just before my period is due, which are all over the place now. Think I'm premenopausal...πŸ˜† (I'm 50) and I have read women can experience word issues with that too.

    I wish you well x

  • Your body's energy is likely going into making your period happen and so lowers a lot of your values in minerals, vitamins and nutrients

    Therefore maybe it's worth upping your vitamins and minerals a bit at that specific time

    I d think your brain fog is certainly connected to your Thyroid Gland and not that you might be premenopausal


  • Many of us are familiar with they Thyroid Pharmacist. This funny prescription may have been filled by the Hypothyroid Pharacist:


  • This sounds like me just didn't put it down to thyroid. Some days it drives me crazy just started meds so nice to know it might improve

  • When I was at my most hypothyroid, I had incidents when people would say things to me and I could not understand; and incidents where I could not reply to a question addressed to me, because I could not string words together.

  • It helps to laugh about it doesnt it! I think we all have invented a different thyroid language called babble. Also forgetting where we have put things is another, i have just found my inhaler after 5 days - in the fridge hiding under a bag of swede and potato. 😨

  • Could be signs of several things:

    Low adrenals

    Low T3

    Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals

    Side effects of Sertaline

  • It's funny this has been asked, as i have literally been experiencing the same a lot.

    Im on 125mcg of Levthyroxine for my underactive thyroid. But feel it doesn't make a difference in me energy wise or mood wise!

  • I don't know if this is the same thing, it happens to me when I'm driving, I suddenly don't know where I am, and then i remember :(

  • Since dementia has been mentioned above, thought I should point out that "hypothyroid dementia" is a medical diagnosis. There is likely a significant proportion of patients who have been diagnosed with dementia, whose doctors don't have a clue they should have tested for hypothyroidism.

  • Hi

    This is a fairly well reported symptom of being hypothyroid, suffered this myself as well as anosmia and woolly hearing, happily all much improved or resolved by levothyroxine st correct dosage.

    Stay positive, things will get better


  • Hi, I have underactive thyroid and also Fibro and chronic fatigue at times. I've always thought my addled brain and word blindness came from having Fibro, never thought it might come from underactive thyroid x

  • I would try turning off your wireless internet and cell phone if it is happening to you at home and see if that helps any.

  • Reading this has made my day, I have had word blanks on and off for some time. At worst not daring to join a conversation or planning carefully before I spoke. I have been so scared that this is the beginning of dementia - suddenly a weight has lifted. Thank you all

  • Snap to all of above, yes trouble stringing sentences together, yes forget where I've put things, yes pains in most joints, yes im under active and have been since 6 im now 54 and Oh what joys, I've now been told I've got another immune problem since the menopause I've got low white blood count and anemia, feeling very tired, having problems with my job, due to infections and time off. And yes I take sertraline, im still just about smiling, but find it very difficult at times, and have a rubbish Gp who can't even read my results the right way, and actually lowered my dose of levothyroxine instead of increasing it. Oh the joys.

  • I have found I am very much like this. I find that I know what I want to say in my mind but then the words come out wrong. I find its worse on days when I'm really tired (especially when I'm mentally tired) or when I have been doing to much. Its made me shy away from talking to or in larger groups of people. Am so pleased that its not just me that struggles with speech whilst suffering with an underactive thyroid.

  • I build a theory about this: when you are hypothyroid, you not only have hormone not well balanced but the body biologic rithm is also broke, all this end to gastrinal problem (gastric acid, nausea, pain in bowel) so we are unable to speak correctly and have all the vision and perception altered.

    If you are still young probably dont havr gastro problems but hypo symptom are already kicking in

  • Plus thyroid disfunction are correlated to adrenal fatigue, infact biologic rithm in the brain is also linked with the cortisol (stress hormone) level made by adrenal glands during the day

  • Dear friend, that sounds familiar... I have had that problem of trying to talk and can't...i call it mumbling or murmuring?? I have tried to explain to my Gp but he says, can't understand what it is! Also, I have had episodes of loosing my mind. I would be driving and al over a sudden, I loose the way am going to...the familiar place or road becomes strange and can't know where I am! It has happened three times in a space of a year between. I don't know if anyone has experienced that!! My Gp. tested me for early dementia years back but said, I was alright. This is like loosing your way amidst a place you very well know! Let anyone respond if has had something of the sort!!


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