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Underactive Thyroid and Periods

Hi all I'm 44 yr old female, I suffer with several mobility related issues, I was diagnosed coming up 11yrs ago

But something new as happen for the second time now my period arrives as normal but won't stop so far 8 weeks and finally 🤞 Medication as stopped the flow, now I'm scared to stop taking medication incase it starts again which as happen twice so far,

I really just wanted to know if anyone else as this problem?

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sorry mimo for the trouble you are having. i can not help with an answer, but to me it sounds trouble and you should see a gynaecologist asap. it could be hormonal, as in the start of menopausal or worse...something to do with the uterus and all that complicated equipment we have down there!

tabletts might stop the bleeding but i don't think it fixes the why! x


Sorry to hear this, what a drag. Heavy periods are a symptom of hypothyroidism. Are you optimally medicated? Would be good to see your last blood test results.

This can also be related to the perimenopause, where things can go a bit crazy. I had some early heavy periods and told the nurse when I had my smear (I had struggled to get an appointment when I wasn't blinking bleeding) and she said, yes, anything can happen leading up to the menopause. Some people just get lighter periods until they tail off entirely (I had hoped that would happen lol) and other people get heavy, unpredictable bleeding.

What was said when you (I assume) saw the doctor (when you were given meds to stop the bleeding)?

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Yes please post your latest meds and the ranges as being undermedicated can cause no end of problems. I went to the doctor many years ago to ask if I could increase my medsxas I felt rough and she said yes, no questions, testing etc so hindsight reckons she hadn't a clue but as an afterthought I mentioned I hadn't had a period for 6 months so she insisted I took HRT which I did for 10 years. My thyroid was still not wonderful then so I went back to my doctors who originally tested me and now in private practice. He took me back to fist principles by doing basal temperature readindxehich as well as being low showed I was still ovulating! When periods stop due to menopause than precautions are advised for 5 years as you can still ovulate with out having a period if the egg is t fertilised so I was now at that point so is more than likely my periods appeared to have stopped because my thyroid levels were not right


Well my first advice would be get it checked out just to put your mind at rest. My experience is that I am now 59 and bleeding hasnt stopped completely. My thyroid has been low, borderline for 11 years and docs refused to do anything. I had very heavy periods and like you I had to get medication to stop the bleeding. I got fibroids at 50 which made the bleeding worse. I had my last heavy period 2 years ago but just last year I had a light period that lasted a month. They decided to do a hysterectomy and put me on lupron injections. I reacted very badly to them so they changed their mind so no hysterectomy. Last year they did biopsies to rule out cancer. Came back all clear so since then I have been dumped by nhs. I dont have cancer so they are not interested. I went for a private scan and they diagnosed adenymiosis. I believe that all this has been caused by lack of hypothyroid diagnosis. Im still suffering with low t4 and low ft3 so the bleeding continues when it feels like it. Ive never had a hot flush and nhs refuse to test my hormones. Its prure madness my symptoms have been hypothyroid all along but because my tsh is not high enough they wont do anything. I went for a well woman scan at one of those babybond clinics and only cost £99. They had far more knowledge than the nhs and they sat with me and explained the scan and their diagnosis. I would suggest you try that as well as nhs you may get more answers xx

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Been there, done that. This is how I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Are you taking any thyroid meds?

I also take microgenized natural progesterone (Utrogest). Hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance often go hand in hand.


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