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Underactive thyroid

I have been hypothyroid for 8 years all of which have been I have not regained good health . Now I have started having NO energy at all After the tiniest household task I have to sit down to recover and I am virtually unable to do my usual walk each day .I am now very anxious and am wondering if anyone else has experienced-this or ought I to be looking for something other than hypothyroidism?

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Everyone will ask - what are your latest blood test results? Can you post them?

And I wonder how many of us have to sit down to empty the dishwasher and the washing machine.

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Pig4u, it sounds as though you may be undermedicated. Can you post recent thyroid results with the ref ranges and ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate if they've been tested.

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Are you still on only 20mcg of liothyronine a day? If that's all you're on, you're likely to be woefully undermedicated.


Thank youAspmama Clutter and Jazzw foryourreplies I now have all my results from bloods taken on Aug 11 th

TSH 25 .6

FT4 8.3

FT3 2.6

Vit D3 83

B 12 500

folate 9.2

Ferritin 57

I am pretty totally without energy and everything is a terrific effort .I am on 20mcg T3 which my Dr is afraid to alter and says I should wait until I see my Endo at the beginning of Sept This morning I decided to take 25 Mcg of Thyroxine 2 hrs before the T 3 which I have at the moment split in to 4 doses of 5mcg as taking 10 Mcg made me feel terrible

As Ioften feel dizzy / swimmy 30mins after rising I asked Dr if I might have a middle prob but he thought not .Also I did Saliva test for Adrenal function in January which showed morning result looked normal but the remaining three results below and marked upon red by the laboratory My Endo merely looked at the morning result and said all was OK but my Dr has said I should ask for further investigation as he wondered whether poor Adrenal function might be making me feel so exhausted.

Sorry to write at such length but I feel quite desperate as I cannot live a normal life. And there are people whom I need to see who are poorly and spread across the country and whom I long to have enough reasonable health to go and visit

Any help will be greeted with open arms!!


I'm sorry you feel so rotten. I'm surprised no one has responded back with you and if I were you I would repost your levels in a new post. I don't know much about treating thyroid, but I do know that TSH is way too high. No wonder you feel miserable, bless your heart! Sep seems like a long time to wait when your feeling so poorly. Hopefully, you can get some good advice on here and I wish you the best. God Bless!


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