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Which D3 supplement do you take?

After watching the Michael Johnson video on YT I realised that the Holland & Barrett D3 supps I was taking contain magnesium stearate which they say is 'immune compromising'. In fact since I started looking into all this I've binned ALL my H&B supps, what a load of rubbish! I mostly use Lamberts and Nature's Best now.

I'm considering this one It's the one recommended in the video.

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We use Healthy Origins D3 gel capsules in our household. In case you haven't seen it, Chris Kresser has recently published an article on magnesium stearate.

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Hi If seeing an Endo or if not a GP , they should prescribe the D. This is quite important as you need a test for corrected calcium, which must not go over range, or be to low. This is before any treatment, then 3 months later, when the D is well in your blood, repeats of both, then ideally 6 monthly, although GP may say a year.D is quite complicated, why other consultants are only allowed to diagnose, not treat, hormonal too, effects thyroid, as I am sure you know.

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