Another Case Study Needed - Hyper to Hypo

Thyroid UK has been approached by a journalist for a well known magazine to find a case study. They are looking for a lady 30 to 50 years of age (although slightly over may be acceptable too) who was hyperactive and lost weight, had a thyroidectomy and then became underactive and put on weight. They will send a photographer to your home to take photos of you.

If you are interested in being a case study and fit this criteria, please contact me on

This is an excellent opportunity to show the changes from overactive to underactive so do please help us with this if you can.

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  • Slightly over 50 is an improvement. Maybe one day our age will be irrelevant! ;)

  • I'm a classic case, Lyn, but I will be 69 in January.

  • Shame.... :-(

  • Me too Lyn, but only a year younger than Marram. It is high-time that age didn't come into it and us older members were considered, especially as we have probably been suffering for longer. Janet.

  • I completely agree with you! We need someone to contact the papers and push for an article on hypothyroidism in more mature ladies! Wish we had a paid media person in the office..... :-(

  • Pity they can't do a study of people who have symptoms but don't get diagnosed being given a trail of drugs for thyroid. I would gladly take part really struggling TSh has been 2.7 then 3.87 then 2.7 I think it was a hormone result said it should be below 35 mine was 22 HELP

  • I fit category but I'm more concerned. With my health and. Poor thyroid care than my weight. I'm too blame for when l put weight on!

  • Hi deniD, I think the magazine just wants to show that people with overactive generally lose weight and people with underactive generally put it on. If you are interested, please do send me an email. Lynx

  • Hi Lynmynott! I was diagnosed with hashimoto in 1996, but suspect I've had a problem since I was quite young. I was always a skinny child, got married in my teens & suffered 6 miscarriages. Had 2 children with start weight of 7 stone & only went up 2 9 stone at full term! Was back in my skinny jeans within 6 days! Ate like a horse & never put weight on till 1996 at age 44 when I was diagnosed. Maybe this was also at start of menopause? Suffered really heavy periods all my life after childbirth. These stopped in 2004 aged 52. Weight stayed at around 10 stone till 2007 when I moved back 2 parents 2 care 4 Mother. Had 2 change doctor & she took me off HRT & reduced thyroxine. Haven't felt right since then & am now 13 stone. Heaviest I've ever been. Never had thyroidectomy, but occasionally have painful neck. I am now 61. Do u think magazine would be interested in my story? There are more finite details if needed!!! Best wishes,

    Ruth Drake

  • Hi Rufie, I'm afraid they specifically wanted someone with hyperthyroidism who then went on to be hypo and the age range is 30 - 50. Sorry! :-(

  • Contd. I am on 125 mcg thyroxine per day & no other medication. Ruth Xxx

  • Hyper-skinny: hypo-fat is my story too. :O(

    I'm 60.

  • Hi Humphrey, I don't think they would take you but I'll keep you in mind for them! :-)

  • That was me to a T but I have now lost the weight on the correct meds so don't imagine they want that.

  • Oh, I think you would be excellent because once you are treated properly you should be losing weight again! Shall I put you forward?? :-)

  • Oh why not! ;-) Don't have many photos of my heavy days though as I hid from the camera.

  • Am 46, was hyper and thin, thyroid removed, became obese on levothyroxine then back to my usual nine stone on NDT

  • Have just asked them about you. If she gets back to me I'll ring you!

  • Whats NDT? Excuse my ignorance :-(

  • Hi Lowlou it's natural desiccated thyroid hormone, usually from pigs. It was the only way to treat thyroid for a long, long time before levothyroxine was invented.

    The journalist called me and we will hopefully do the interview very soon once she gets things sorted at the magazine.

  • Hi there

    If everyone bombards the newspaper with their stories...they might realise the severity of the condition and give it more press ?? More press is exactly what we need!!!

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