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Case Study Needed - Urgent

Case Study Needed - Urgent

Thyroid UK has been approached by a journalist looking for a woman for a case study who must be between 20 and early 40’s who has recently been diagnosed (up to two years ago) with hypothyroidism and who was ill but is now feeling much better. She needs a photo and a telephone interview that will last around 20/30 minutes. The article is for a well known magazine and they will be paying £200 if the case study is used!

If anyone is interested, please telephone 01255 820407 or email Lyn Mynott on

Don't forget that even if you don't fit this criteria, Thyroid UK has a database where your details can be stored for future case studies!

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what a pity I'm just too old at over 40 by just 18 yrs and my illness didn't get better until after 20yrs I found help from people like lynn.


im just over by 10 years, and only just beginning to realise ive been putting with this for years and i am hoping to find some help.


It's a shame about the 'feeling much better' bit! I'm 39, diagnosed about 14 months ago but even on 100mcg levothyroxine, I cant say I feel well. Otherwise I'd have been happy to do it. :(



Sounds like the article is going to give the impression that once diagnosed and treated all is well......

...........I'm still waiting.


The idea of the article is to show how long people took to get diagnosed and what symptoms they had, I think. Let's hope so! At least more people will find us and hopefully look at other options they have.


Hi Lyn I spoke to you recently as regards to my 8yr old daughter who has raised thyriod peroxidise antibodies

(early hashimoto's)

TSH 5.3

free T3 6.7

free T4 15.1

We have finally got a referral to Birmingham Children's Hospital to see a pediatric endocrinologist after 18 months

of being told she had chronic urticaria and would grow out of it.

I to share the views that we should not have to fight our corner with this condition I to am a thyroid suffer and have been for 4 years with no understanding by our GP who just says your results are normal a small white pill every day does not make it normal.

I recently joined your support group and took some advice on the best time to take my pill, and have started taking it at night will let you know how i get on.

Karen (Ellie)


Im 23 and was dignosed two/three months ago.....however i dont think im quite at the feeling better stage, but the last three days ive felt normalish!! lol


I'm glad HypoT is getting some media attention, I think the Daily Mail has had several articles highlighting the diagnosis of it. I do wish though that something could be done about the discrepancy between what your GP and endocrinologist tell you and what is more apparent and even quite obvious to those of us actually experiencing this condition.


Hello Lyn

This is excellent news.

Kind regards



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