Please can I have some advice on my blood test results? I'm on T3 ONLY

I'm on T3 ONLY. After 6 weeks of being on T3, currently on 30mcg (split into 2 doses);

TSH 0.22 (0.35-5.5). It was 2.14 on Levothyroxine, but stopped and went onto T3 only.

FT4 7.7 (11-23). It was 16.9 on Levothyroxine.

I can't believe the lab hasn't done my FT3 when I'm on T3 only! Is this right? I know they don't do it normally, but I thought they would this time as I'm on T3. My consultant requested it and the lab hasn't done it!

Is it normal for FT4 to be low when on T3? I read that TSH can be suppressed on T3, but I don't know much about the effect T3 has on FT4?

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  • If you are on T3 only, your T4 will be low or non existent, depending on how much your own thyroid is producing. I assume not much, or you would not be trying T3 only. Your aim is for the T 3 to supply all the hormone your body needs at a cellular level. You are lucky to have a consultant who will give you this therapy. I hope it is successful.

  • Thanks Hennerton. I had a lot of side effects with levothyroxine (very bad acid reflux, acne) and thats why I'm on T3 only. It's my psychiatrist putting me on T3 only. He believes I have hypothyroidism and can treat me with T3 only if he says it's for 'depression' rather than hypothyroidism.

  • what a fantastic psychiatrist this is, wonderful :)

  • This is a link and if you click on T3 there are several questions/answers. (some links within may not work) which may help you.

  • Thanks shaws

  • totally normal results for someone on 30mcg T3 only. A good doctor will know what to do even without an fT3 result, carry on, you're doing well :)

    from a fellow 'T3 only' patient :)

  • Thanks. I've just got my FT3 results today, its 5.1 (3.5 - 6.5). It was 4.4 six weeks ago when I was on Levothyroxine so it has gone up 0.7. After 3 weeks of being on 30mcg I will go onto 40mcg for 3 more weeks and then I see Dr S

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