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Refused a blood test for T3, can someone help with my symptoms please

Hello fellow sufferers,

. I had blood tests done for my T4,TSH, and T3 and Unfortunately the lab refused to test for the T3., when they have always tested for it before!! My problem is I'm unsure of whether to cut back in my dosage as my symptoms don't appear to be hyper.

I am tired and low bordering on tearful in the mornings. But I am sensitive to heat, hands shaky when held out in front and heartbeat thumping after exercise. I'm also quite hot and sticky in bed at night. And sometimes butterfly sensation in the chest.

As you see I am confused as they don't all appear to be hyper symptoms.

My Previous T3 when I was on 1.1/2 grains of Armour was 5.3(3.1-6.8)

But I am now on 1.3/4 grains. Could this have taken me over the reference range? And do my symptoms sound more hyper than hypo?

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What are your TSH and FT4 results and ranges?


Hello Clutter,

Thanks for coming back, sorry I should have put those on. T4 was 16.9(12-22) and TSH was 0.03(0.27-4.2).



Hard to see why FT3 would be high with mid-range FT4 or why it would be much more than 5.3 with a 1/4 grain increase. Really the only way to be sure is to have a FT3 test. You can order a home test finger prick thyroid test from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Thanks Clutter,

I have been on to Blue Hoizon and ordered a FT3 test kit.

I just hope it comes in good time as I am going on holiday on Wednesday. Timing could have been better ! It has taken 4 weeks for the NHS lab to tell me that they weren't testing the T3 !!!!

Thanks once more !!!

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I increased my NDT but quarter of a grain and it shot up leaving me hyper!


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