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took me hours to get up

woke up at 6, took my 75 levo went back to bed and put tv on felt like i wanted to get up but was in a trance like state, took my temp when i woke and it was as usual 34, so what caused this? eventually got up but had been in trance for around 3hours, does anyone else get this i have had before but this was the worst,sometimes i am sat looking into space in a trance for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, starting to get worried now, i am not asleep my eyes are open but almost too tierd to move, hope someone can help, i am underactive

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I would make an appointment to have a new thyroid gland blood test. You may be undermedicated and need a small increase.


thank you i will try see a doctor tomorrow


i feel if i fall asleep that i will go intoa coma,,,, im so tierd cant keep eyes open, feel like i have been doped


I felt like that when I was on thyroxin. I also would sleep for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. A deep deep sleep. I could not wake i the morning it was like I was drugged. Started having heart palpitations and night sweats and was told to stop taking thyroxine. I was over active. That's 15 months ago. I feel dreadful again but they won't put me back on it.


I feel this way every time I wake up, and I'm on thyroxine 150mg and 25mg of t3 - the same when I was on 200mg thyroxine but I have a host of other auto immune problems.

I do find playing music helps you try and concentrate - tv I find is not a good idea until your up and had something to eat/drink. I hope this helps


I take my thyroxine at night on going to bed, for this reason. I feel like I have been doped! In no time at all after taking it I start to feel strange and woozy headed, could not get out of bed if you paid me. I'm only on a small dose of 25mg one night then 50mg the next. Should be on 50mg constantly, soon to be 75mg but the effect knocks me haywire.

I sometimes lay in bed at night, for what feels like ages and I feel like I am completely spaced, having weird thoughts and just away with the fairies! When I do sleep, it is like being put under deep sedation.

I would not dare take my medication in the morning, I'd be spaced out all day! Actually......I probably am!

Kind Regards.


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