Update on Nature Thyroid and Let It Be A Lesson To Me

Well it's my second day only on nature thyroid and I only took one tablet yesterday and I feel so stupid as this morning I woke up and my vision is more clearer and I'm not tired and the most frustrsting part is my hair was not knotted and balled. I fight with my hair every morning since I been off the Armour for ten weeks and today first day I didnt. things are getting back on track. I could feel it before bed last nite. It was like even my skin was like it had the moisture back in it. Never again will I be without my meds. It runs my whole body and I was struggling and yes it was getting worse on my organs and didn't even realize until I got back on meds. My vision is clearer this morning. I had no idea this is what it will do. I probable was used to it for years before and just didn't really notice it. I feel so stupid and let it be a lesson to me. I feel like I can get on with my life now. This thytoid stuff is something else and it's complexing and it literally can tear your body apart over time. I pray that there is a cure for all of this one day and please God help those who struggle with this and not realize like my mom did her whole life and educate them so they not struggle and be torn apart. Never give up and never give in for all of you as this makes you feel like that. You have to keep finding that balance and pay attention to your body. I don't have any tattoos but I want to get one that says Thyroid Awareness so people can ask What's That and I can share what I know. I love my family here and the knowledge and support I had gotten as if I didn't I would be struggling still and Lord only knows what it would have driven me too. THANKVYOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

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That's brilliant! I pray I will feel like that one day.

You will Fallen Angel, be persistent and keep trying get answers, don't give up. It's very frustrsting and painful and you know your body. Be your own advocate. Don't settle for it like a lot of us do as I amost did that . Hugggggggggs To You!!!!!!

Are you still having symptoms?

Yes, every day! Weakness/shakiness and dizziness and sometimes debilitating tiredness. I try to do gentle exercise such as walking but feel 100 times worse after it! I also get the shakes if I don't eat every 3-4 hours. Had diabetes check twice and it was fine! But I'm hopeful that after 4 months or so to get vit b12, d and iron optimal I can self treat and see how I go. I want to feel like you do! I don't know what it feels like to be normal anymore!!

You need find a good doctor and even if you have travel to get to them do it. If you want my doctor you pm me and I'll give you her name. Don't do this alone and waste no more time.

I've sent you a private message re your doc.

I sent you her name. I cherish her as I went thru so many doctors. Please go no matter what it takes

Hi Debber, Could you let me know where your doctor is based please?

She is in Mishawaka Indiana. When you first go to her she will spend about three hours with you. She is very thorough. I've been to several and she has been the only one who had helped me.

That's great news for you and also that sometimes we have to try more than one NDT to find one that suits us.

Are you going to put the tattoo on your forehead :) :) A blue butterfly is Thyroiduk's logo as the thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly.

It is a blessing to feel well again.

The MHRA suggest we have six months of thyroid hormones in stock, just in case we get hiccups like the withdrawal for a while for one reason or another but I doubt doctors would give such a prescription.

Lol. I can do that Shaws. I will definitely put it where people will see it and next to it put also Never Give Up. Awareness needs to be raised. It's a sneak is what it is and we just accept it as we don't know just like i did for years. I want to help our kids and anyone I can touch with all this.

Congrats on feeling so much better! Don't feel stupid. These are the experiences that help us learn more about ourselves and help us take good care of ourselves. I'm so glad you've been moved to take care of yourself. Good for you! :-)

Thank Puncture!!!! I want out medical people to wake up and start paying attention to this. I am a court reporter and I will be writing an article about all this and submit it to National Court Reporters Association. I want to spread what I know. Sharing with whoever I can.

That sounds good. Isn't it amazing how it is anger that now stimulates us.

Did you know that one of our previous members took her case to the Scottish Court and we had a video of it.



Did you also know that an "emminent" (note small e) suggested at the American Thyroid Association in 2013 that if our TSH is 'in range' but we are dissatisfied with levothyroxine that we are suffering from a 'Somatization Disorder'.


Hi that's Brilliant I am so happy for you, wish it was me :) as well

Nature thyroid is that NDT?

I am currently taking Acella which is doing nothing, I am loosing my hair and I am still tired!

Train wreck, ordered T3 from Mexico and that's out of Stock!!!

Thinking that while I wait to try the Thryo Gold?

who knows!

Best wishes to you all

Hi Stormx,

I take it it's like a dedicated medicine like I was taking but I heard it had better ingredients in it. There is a link that one of our family here sent me and I will try send it to you. I just started on nature thyroid and yeah sweetie I am having shedding too but it's expected with everything off right now. It will be okay and it will come back. I've not tried t3. You will have let me know what it's like. Be patient and keep looking for what works for you and get tested as that what I have do. Hugggggggggggs!!!!!


Thank you :0

You're welcome sweetie. I'm with you and I feel your pain. One day they will find a cure for all of this and I hope we get to see it in our lifetime. I would be at peace with that. Take care of yourself and pamper yourself right now.

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