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Boots Chemist unable to get T3


Hi there

I am prescribed 40 mcg t3 on NHS. I recently changed to the system where the chemist pick up your prescription from the GP. When I went to get my prescription there had been problems so the pharmacist gave me an emergency supply of 15 tablets. I went back this evening to get the rest of my prescription but he has informed me that there is a problem with the manufacture supply. Apparently he has rang around everywhere to get me some and he cannot get any. He apologised and advised me to go to the GP in the morning as he said he understands it is dangerous not to have any. I took my last NHS tablet today but I have two days worth of t3 left over from when I self medicated.

Only today I was trying to order some t3 online, but I had problems at the end where I had to attach my prescription in a pic as an email.

I'm not sure what the GP can do. I will try to order some online but it is going to take time to arrive. I do remember seeing posts about this kind of situation on here before and was wondering if any one had any advice as to what can be done when this happens. Thankyou :)

Carolineanne x

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1) Try to get a paper prescription.

2) Ring round every pharmacy in the area.

3) Check internet pharmacies:

4) Ask your local hospital pharmacy.

I detest systems that link you to a pharmacy. As you are finding, if they fail you, you can be rather stuck.

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Have a read here:


That was what the MHRA said and advised when there was a shortage in 2013.

Thankyou so much for the advice. It's a scary situation when it happens. I will do all those things suggested.

Thanks again

CA x

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Also, phone up Mercury Pharma (Concordia) and ask them why you cannot get your liothyronine.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time that pharmacists have been unable to get a product which is actually available. The issue could lie outside Mercury Pharma. Even if the issue is within Mercury Pharma, they might be able to offer an expedited delivery to your pharmacy, or give you some idea of how bad the situation is.

I've heard mixed reports of such calls, but they do actually answer the phone.

Thankyou for the helpful advice :)

So change the chemists to another, personally I use Lloyds!


Are you on Mercury Pharma T3? If so, PM me please.


Update: My GP rang my Endo and he wrote a prescription for t3 to get at the hospital pharmacy. They have given me two months worth and say that they are aware of a shortage in the chemists. I am in Coventry so hoping it doesn't affect anyone else.

Thankyou to everyone who responded and helped. I really do appreciate it. :)

CA x

Hi Caroline Anne

I've been using Rowlands for the last few months and managed to pick up my T3 there a couple of weeks ago. It might be worth checking with them.

Hopefully it's just a localised (Boots only) short term "blip". It's additional stress that we really don't need.


Thankyou- good to know and yes we definately do not need the extra worry - not good for the adrenals! :)


In the past Boots couldn't fill my T3 script as the manufacturer had production problems so they found another factory for me.

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