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what to do next my TSh was 2.7 6 months on3.87 tthen six months on 2.9 still have symptoms joint pain, depression, tired put weight on easy

There was another blood test he did it came back 22 but not sure what it was but I'm sure he said the upper in the range was 32 might have something to do with antibodies can I go private anywhere I live in Manchester to try treatment to see if it reduces my symptoms.

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Hi Shirley,

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid gland problems? On the figures you've given above, it would be good if you could provide the ranges. The figures are in brackets and as labs differ it would mean it is easier to comment.

If you are on levo, what is your dose? Your TSH looks a bit on the high side. If you haven't got the recent blood test results to hand, get a copy from the surgery and post them.

It may be that all you need is an increase in your medication and we can maybe provide evidence to give to your GP.


Hi there your tsh really shouldn't swing in a matter of months, it's looks like you have hashimotos, have you had a antibodies test , this may or may not confirm this. X


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