Getting the T3 I’m owed????

Hi all, not sure how many of you are affected by this but an online seller ofunipharma t3 has taken our money with no tablets in return, I paid in March.. i got very angry and got a bit argumentative with the guy who was answering me back from the ‘company’ , he was very rude mind...anyway I noticed they were still selling from they’re site so I emailed them!! And apparently are going to send me my order,,, not sure whether I’ll receive it Mind!!


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  • There are many, many members here who have dealt with this company, who continues to take orders and money, they continue to not despatch the goods and make various excuses. They most likely can't get supplies of T3 because the distribution companies are apparently asking for sight of prescriptions now before they will supply pharmacies, and then only one pack at a time. I wouldn't hold your breath that you will get what you have paid for any time soon.

  • This was back in March, I’d never pay them for anything again x

  • Natj123,

    They can't get Uni-Pharma T3 but are now supplying Ikarus or Icaros Laboratoire T3.

  • Do you have any experience with this brand.. it’s ok to take?

  • Natj123,

    I'd never heard of it until MrsRaven posted.

  • Hi Natj123

    Yes you are right !! It’s really bad they took people’s money and didn’t send the T3 !! Not sure what can be done!! Hope you get your tablets!!


  • Thank you, this was March, they were horrible to me if I’m honest... but if I do get any sent now I certainly won’t be doing business with them again x

  • Neither would I! I only got the one correspondance they sent to everyone ... something about what a good faithful service they have been and why are people not patient!! They have stolen our monies I’m afraid.! I lost 65 euros but I’m sure others have lost much more!!think it was May I ordered mine. Hope you are keeping well. Xx

  • Hi

    My friend lives in Greece and can only get1/2 packets, with a prescription at a time, so they are short for their own population. If some come it will be an unknown brand/ different brand. I v much doubt any reimbursement will be made. Sorry.

    ( I get the impression from my friend she is hopeful of getting more tablets in late November as they are currently in production)

  • Yes I’m not holding out hope either! Thank you .

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