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About ferritin? I saw a new endo today

I had fresh tests done and included ferritin . On a scale of 10-280 it was 37. As I have hashimoto's is this result in the lower range ok or should I be taking a light iron supplement. He did say it was a bit low but left it at that. He is very concerned about getting my TSH levels up a bit. They were negligible. I just want to add that fT4 was at The bottone end of the range 0,79 in a range of 0,70-1,90 while Ft3 was high at the top end of the scale. I am currently taking 50 mcg levothyroxine plus liotir drops which are synthetic T3 which is what we have here in Italy

He advised me to lower the T3 marginally which i feel i should do but what about the iron? Do i need to supplement?

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FERRITIN test: Measures your levels of storage iron, which can be chronically low in hypothyroid patients. If your Ferritin result is less than 50, your levels are too low and can be causing problems…as well as leading you into anemia as you fall lower, which will give you symptoms similar to hypo, such as depression, achiness, fatigue. If you are lower than the 50′s, you are scooting by. Optimally, females shoot for 70-90 at the minimum (Janie’s is 80 when her iron is good); men tend to be above 100 and optimally close to the 130′s. If your ferritin is much higher, you have INFLAMMATION–the latter causes iron to be thrust into storage and inflammation is common with thyroid patients for a variety of reasons. In less common cases, higher ferritin can be from liver disease, alcoholism, diabetes, asthma, or some types of cancer. Men are generally higher than women without having the above problems. If ferritin is high along with a high % Sat and Serum iron, you may have hemachromatosis or a MTHFR defect. You should be off all iron for at least 12 hours before testing to see what your body is hanging onto, and 5 days to see your true iron levels.


Hi mikiviki, Please excuse me butting in but after reading Heloise`s comments on high iron levels I`m a little concerned as my iron level is 215.9ug/L (10.0-204.0) Outside reference range, Heloise, do you know if this is a very high reading or just a little high. Again Mikiviki I apologize for cutting in and hope you are able to get things sorted soon so that you feel better.

Kind regards to you both.



If your ferritin is low (which your is) then it will stop you converting your levo (T4) in T3 and increase your FT3 levels - which seems to be exactly what is happening to you.

Moggie x

p.s. If you are going to supplement with iron always take it on a full stomach, or in can damage the lining of your gut, and with vitamin C otherwise you body will be unable to absorb it.

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My Ferritin is 8 and I am on 125 thyroxine and iron supplement x




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