Just seen endo about my T3

When I went to see endo 4 months ago it was his registrar. My TSH was high so she agreed to increase my T3 from 40mg to 60mg daily. Today seen the actual consultant who wasn't happy that I was on so much T3. He said a normal dose was 40mg and that no one should have more than this. My Tsh was at the lower range so he wanted to decrease it again to 40mg. After me telling him that I felt much better on it and could do more, and that I have lost weight he reluctantly agreed to let me stay on 60mg and he will review it again in 3 months. Is 40 mg a "normal" dose?

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  • The 'normal' dose is the one that suits the patient and makes her/him feel well.

    I must say that it was good that he let you stay on the dose that suits you and for your information this is a link.


  • Thankyou Shaws. I couldn't believe even though I was much better on the 60mg that he was prepared to drop it until I argued with him. I bet in 3 months when I see him again he will drop it. That is a brilliant link, thankyou

  • If you read a couple of the questions/answers after the first one I bet the Endocrinology are unaware of this phenomenon.


  • He may mean it is an average dose and might be correct. However, with that said, "average dose" only works in groups, not individuals. Tell him you have always been above average, teehee.

  • Ha ha, The student in with him looked a bit shocked that I stood my ground. He said by taking 60mg I should be sweating, palpatations and the shakes.....I said "well as you can see I haven't got any of these....I then said even your hands (when he shook hands with me) were hotter than mine. teehee

  • Go Mandy!! :-D

  • I had one endo that always shook my hand. Now I think I know why.

    But I like the way you turned the tables on him. You could go one step further and ask why he was questioning the registrar who first made the decision. (I assume the registrar is superior?)

  • No, registrar is junior to consultant.

  • Well done Mandy, I'm trialing T3 only with the help of my GP. This week I've just upped to 60 mcg in three divided doses. I don't see my endo. to confess for six months. Hope it works for both of us.xx

  • Endos comment is rubbish. I was on 3 x 20mcg daily in between surgery and RAI and there are posters on here on 180mcg and more.

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