Hi all, posted a while back about doctor who would diagnose me in spite of TSH 5.78 and Free T4 12.. Anyway, went to see another doctor at the surgery who was ready to listen. Started taking 25mg levo which seemed to give me a bounce in my step for the first 2 weeks (maybe this was a placebo) but effects seem to be wearing off! Still constipated and weigh loss slow even with low calorie intake and no carbs!

Would it be okay to start taking probiotics to help with the constipation? It wouldn't hinder the effects of the levo would it? What about a laxative otherwise? Please help, feeling bloated and uncomfortable!

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  • Hi it would not do any harm, but you need your Levo increased this is a very small dose, this pattern will persist until you are on the right dose, this will take some time, about eighteen months, you also need to optimise your vitamins,

  • Hi Lila. Yes you are right, it is a very low dose but given how hard I had to fight just to be diagnosed I guess it was 25 or nothing! I have a blood test in 3 weeks time (6 weeks after starting levo). They are only checking the ths and T4. Should I request any other tests? I've never had my b12 checked.

  • What can happen is that you thyroid gland, which has been struggling for months and sometimes years, will decide to have a rest once you start taking levo and your 25mcg's is not enough to make up for the little it was producing so in effect you will feel worse after a couple of weeks. It is normal to be re-tested every 6-8 weeks until you find the correct level of medication so hang on in there.

    Because you are on such a little dose you need to make sure you are taking it correctly - at least two hours before or after food and no where near any supplements or other medication you may be taking. It is recognised by people on here and the medical profession that taking you levo last thing at night, with only water, helps the body to use it to its full potential as levo can absorb better into the system over night with no food or drink to hinder it.

    Your levo also need a few vital vitamins to be at optimum levels for your body to be able to both tolerate and use it to its full potential and these are B12, VitD, iron, ferritin (iron stores) and folates. Ask your GP to test these for you and when you have your results post them on here (with the ranges, which is important as different labs have different ranges) and people will be able to advise you. What the NHS call exceptable levels are not necessary exceptable levels for thryoid patients - for example the NHS say you have enough B12 if you reading is around the 200 mark but on here people advise for it to be over 500 and nearer 700, and as you can see this is a big difference.

    Hope the above has helped a little.

    Moggie x

  • Moggie, that does make sense (about the thyroid resting & feeling worse).. I have a 6 month old who wakes up 3 X night so I take the levo around 2am just after his feed.

    I will ask for all the said tests to be conducted and post them on here, thank you for the advice.

  • As Lila and Moggie say, don't forget those important vitamins/minerals (& pre/probiotics help absorption too). My daughter was told she had 'the baby blues' but she was actually Vitamin D deficient (and so was babs). I remember the nights with a new baby - it does get better! best wishes J x

  • In the meantime, any advice on the probiotics and when to take them?

  • Just make sure you take them well away from your thyroid meds.

    I feel for you as it cannot be easy with a young baby that is waking at night and thyroid troubles, know wonder you are feeling so awful.

    You could well be low in iron due to your labour so I would definately be asking for that one first. Some people on here find that their GP's are unwilling (mine included) to test for all, or even some, of the things I have listed so you might have a bit of a fight on your hands but we usually get there in the end so dont be suprised if, at first, you get a no from your GP. Lets hope he is a good one and does all the above tests with no trouble.

    Moggie x

  • Prebiotics [not pro] like Kefir, which is really alive, may help your overall gut health.

    I take as a protein whey mix instead of a meal to give it good grab!.

    Have you had Antibiotics? They will kill off anything useful; as well as bugs.

    Laxido is a safe mover of things colonic for me. I avoid Fybogel due to Aspartame content, though it is effective.

    You may need more fruit/veg in diet? Also -drink more good water, avoid tap water/ Fluoride.

    UAT is known to cause constipation and 25ug barely enough to change this, though it helped me a bit.Stopped it now.

    If you take Iron this may make things worse if you haven't got a better gut by then. Keep going... ;)

  • No Tegz, no antibiotics since pregnancy.. Will try the kefir, I have a protien shake in the morning for breakfast too so will give your recipe a go! Thanks again..

  • Hey! That's great..I strain most of the batch through a fine plastic sieve and then plonk the protein in send it back through the sieve again and mash it through. Top up the new starter with a little whey if needed. Saves using a blender with all that hassle. I'm a bloke :)

    Add live yoghurt to enhance taste if reqd.

    I use Onken Natural Set- even Tescos here keep it going through the winter now!

    I hope you enjoy, 2 or 3 times a week should be useful. PM me how you get on.

    [These posts disappear fast]

  • Haha Tegz, I think I'll stick the blender! Will let you know how it goes - fingers crossed..

  • @ spareribs, funny that, my blood test form had "extended baby blues" written in extra notes section! Was told by the GP that my hormones were only being checked because I insisted on it and basically refused the anti depressants. Goes to show how much more awareness there needs to be about thyroid disorders even within the medical community!

    Will def check the vitamin d out as my 3.5 year old has a deficiency for which she takes supplements - maybe it is hereditary..

  • Folks can be prone to deficiency I think, but the cure is enough sunshine! Also the treatment for jaundiced babies is light/sunshine - funny that! Good for you sticking up for yourself and insisting on tests :) x

  • Hi please remember to get your blood test for thyroid first thing in the morning and don't take your meds til after the test. I would miss the 2am dose.

    Jo xx

  • Will do Jo, thank you for the reminder..

  • I have a tendency still for constipation despite a wonderful diet, but now use home made kefir and Lepicol which has a prebiotic in it as well as a probiotic and psyllium husk. I only seem to need a teaspoon of the powder to get going and it's very gentle.

    Have found it the only things that help me consistently. My gut may be different from yours but I have to avoid certain foods too as they bung me up (grains on the whole).

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