I would be most grateful for some help from one of your Admin staff, regarding my recent revised meds. I went to see Mr N Endo at Countess of Chester Hospital a week tues gone, and very nice he was too. He has prescribed T3 for a three month period, as my Underactive Thyroid is not as it should be.

I was taking 100mcg Levo, which he change to 50mcg with 10mcg of T3 three times a day.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have only just managed to get this, as there was confusion at my GP,s surgery and the Pharmacy. Anyway, when collecting the new scribt from the Pharmacy, the meds came in a little brown bottle, with a label saying LIOTHYRONINE, there was no information sheet with it, stating side effects, or who the manufacturer of the tabs was etc, so I went back and ask for it. Upon reading the info, it states that the tabs come in a type of blister pack of 28 (which is how my Levo comes), so Im not happy that I have them loose in a bottle, called me paranoid, but it could be anything.

So to go on, I just would like to ask if the above meds are indeed T3. I would be very grateful if someone could get back to me. Many Thanks, Kind regards, Kath

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  • Liothyronine is what T3 is called as a medicine.

    The proper Patient Information Leaflet is here:

    It says that the product comes in a container pack of 28 - not blister. That is a little pot/bottle. But it is possible they have been taken from a bulk container if that was the hospital pharmacy.

    If your PIL does not say absolutely clearly Liothyronine Sodium 20 micrograms Tablets across the top ot if, then you have the wrong PIL.

    Very well done demanding a PIL.

  • Thank you so much for getting back to me - can I just ask is the Lio ok to take with the Levo? Kind regards, Kath

  • When I was first put on t3 I got them from Boots and they used to take them out of a plastic tub and put them in a brown bottle and I had to ask for the information. They said that by law they had to take them from the original pack because it didn't have a child proof lock. I then changed chemists to a small private one and no problems. They are in the plastic pot from Mercury Pharma Group .

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo, mine our Goldshield, I went back to the chemist (Lloyds, opposite my GP,S surgery), and asked for the product info, because I wanted to know what the side effects could be. Anyway, they did give me the info, im not to keen on them being in a plastic bottle, but others on this website say that,s quite normal, and I have googled the T3 and the pill looks exactly the same as the one ive got, so calmed down abit. Thanks for replying, Best, Kath xx

  • T3 is very expensive, so agree with Rod that it has most likely come from a bulk purchase. Or a split pack (some pharmacies cut the blisters to give you the amount required, some re-dispense to a bottle) I also prefer a blister as its easier to see if Ive actually taken it, as I 'm rather forgetful

    I always make sure I'm given a PiL if I get anything new, as packs are often split and they dont always give you one. Last pharmacy I had to ask for this was quite taken aback that I had dared to even ask

  • Hi Susie, hope your not to bad today. I,ve googled the tabs, and they have the inscribtions on them that they show on the net, so it,s calmed me down abit. Will start taking them tomorrow, and will let this site know how I get on. Thank goodness for Thyroid UK, is what I say. Best wishes, Kath

  • Susie,

    I think you'll find that UK Liothyronine is never packaged in blister packs!! :-)

    (Which I think is odd. So much else is. And with all thyroid hormone tablets being moisture sensitive, a moisture-resistant blister pack would seem to be very sensible.)


  • And a pharmacy had better never be off with me when *I* ask for a PIL! :-)

    As far as I am concerned, it should be an automatic thing and failure to do so would always be an offence against the industry's regulations.

    It is quite tempting to ask for a large-print version...

  • If you have been prescribes 10 mcg of T3 my understanding is that it was only available in the country in 20mcg unless on a named patient basis. Has this changed? Is it now available as a licensed tablet in less than 20mcg amounts? Are you receiving it on a named basis? Sorry for all the questions but Id like to understand if the goal posts have moved since I last was trying to get T3. Thanks.

  • You are right.

  • they stil come as a 20mcg but have to use a pill cutter whih is useless as they are so small they my doc increased me to 20 to make it easier

  • You do realise this thread is almost a year old! HU have suddenly started to post old threads. They either are not getting enough activity and need to create more or they have got their kn. ... whoops computers in a twist :-)

  • No your right it is in either 5mcg or 20mcg tabs (I believe they dont like prescribing the 5mcg as they are more expensive). I have to cut the tabs in half. I know its a mindfield all these differtent meds. I.ll let this site know how I get on with the T3. Best wishes, Kath

  • There is no marketing authorisation (product licence) for 5 microgram tablets in the UK. So if they are prescribed, they come under "importation and supply of unlicensed relevant medicinal products for the special needs of individual patients, commonly, but incorrectly called 'named patients'."


  • Thanks Rod - as I thought x

  • Hi was your endo private or NHS??? I'm trying to get T3 but wasn't sure whether i needed a private endo???

  • You can get T3 on the NHS but it's best to go to an endo that you know has prescribed it before as not all endos seem willing to prescribe it.

    I was never offered T3 on the NHS but did get it when I asked for a trial of it. I'm now on mostly T3 and some T4 and most of my symptoms are gone (I had many chronic symptoms still on T4 only).

    Best of luck.

    Totoro x

  • My Endo was NHS Dr N Countess of Chester Hospital - a very nice team they were. Kind regards, Kath

  • Hi Kath, does Dr N come under ENT specialists???. I know you can't tell me out right or are you allowed to send me a private message via my email?? I'm in stoke on Trent but I drive over to Chester regularly to see my mum. X

  • Hi Lesley, sorry to have taken so long in getting back to you, Dct. Nair is part of the Joint Endocrine Clinic at the Countess of Chester. I don,t know whether he does private, im not sure whether your own GP would refer you to him as he is out of your area, you would have to ask. Good Luck, Kind regards, Kath

  • My T3 was always dispensed as 20 mcg tablets of liothyronine sodium loose in a plain brown bottle – I never saw a patient information leaflet and never had any idea who made it.

    It was prescribed by an NHS endo.


  • Hi yes this is apparently how it comes, I,ve checked on google, you can get the info on the tablet and the markings are as shown on the net, so I,m not panicking now

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