Help with blood test results

Help with blood test results

Hi a good friend of mine has finally been diagnosed with hypothyroidism her mother has it and told her for years to get it tested but she got the usual NHS wall. When she did get tested this spring her TSH was in the 10 region so she got treatment 50mcg starter dose rapidly raised to 100 then 150mcg. She says she does not feel Much different but has lost weight (she was far too fat for her height and build) she has problems sleeping. I think she seems much chirpier her voice is still very flat and robotic sounding.

A different locum then cut her Levo to 125 saying it was because of her liver tests being abnormal. All the literature I have seen says the higher the thyroid hormones the better for liver disease i.e. Top of range. Her latest test show TSH 0.1 and free T4 too high (out of range) she has no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Her vitamin d is deficient but they are not doing anything saying she can buy her own vit d it is not serious enough to warrant a prescription - how tight can the NHS get either she is deficient and needs supplementation or she does not and it should be given to her as a prescription - poor thing just scrapes by on a series of temporary part time jobs.

Should her dose have been reduced? How much vit d would be advisable?

These are her results

Sorry they are blurry I cannot add three photos only one ☹️

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  • I don't know about anyone else bit I am on my tablet and the writing in the image is too small for me to read.

    What is her Vit D result?

    Besides Vit D, were there any other vitamins and minerals tested ie B12, folate and ferritin? All need to be optimal for us Hypos and for thyroid hormone to work properly.

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