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Help with Mum's Results Please

Help with Mum's Results Please

My mum has been Hypothyroid for about 11 years. She was originally diagnosed in the USA and was put on NDT. Since returning to the UK (7 years ago) the NHS GP has had her on 100 mcg of Levo. I pushed her to get these private tests results because of my own recent experience. She is nervous to contradict her GP but I can see she is so unwell :(

If anyone has any interpretations of this, it might help me convince her to see a private GP.

Thank you thank you!

R x

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Her B12 is too low, as is her folate. She should supplement Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg to get her B12 up to 1000 and then reduce to 1000mcg as a maintenance dose. Also a B Complex to balance the B vits and help push up the folate. Thorne Basic B has 400mcg folate and is a very good one.

It might be worth getting Vit D checked, City Assays do a blood spot fingerprick test for £28.

Her FT4 is barely in range and her FT3 is very low. Considering her TSH they should be much higher. Her TSH could actually come down a touch, the aim for treated hypo patients is for TSH to be 1 or below and the free Ts in the upper part of their ranges.

If your mum was well on NDT when in the USA, why doesn't she source her own and self medicate? NHS doctors aren't going to optimally medicate her and she will probably continue to feel ill. Has she discussed the fact that she had NDT in the USA (and presumably was well on it), did she ask to continue to be prescribed it here? If she did and was refused then maybe she should tell her doctor she was so much better on it, doesn't want to live a half life on Levo, and intends to self medicate on Armour Thyroid (only use the brand Armour Thyroid, don't mention any other). I have my bolshy head on today don'cha know 😂

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I like the bolshy head! Thank you muchly! yes indeed those were the questions I was asking once I found all this out. I am going to send her your reply and see what she comes back with. Next step is to get her on HU! R x


Rhsana I hope your mum is a bit more proactive than my late mum. She was hypo and on Levo (plus lots of other medication). She became hypo about 30 years after me. I asked her once what a certain medication was for, her answer "I don't know, the doctor just told me to take it". As for her hypothyroidism, even after me having it for so long I don't think she ever knew what it was all about! And that was years before she developed dementia!

Good luck, I hope you get your mum on the road to better health.


SeasideSusie I am sorry about your mum. My Dad went through a form of dementia leading up to his death. It was vey hard. My mum has a lot of other ailments, she also suffers from Ulcerative colitis. She's pretty 'on it' when it comes to this, supplements etc. In fact it was she that first spotted my Hypothyroidism, I was persuaded by the doctors otherwise though and it would still be a few years before I got a diagnoses. Thats why I am a little surprised to see her compromise with the levo. I am hoping that a chorus of your informed voices on here, might persuade her where I could not. Thank you again xx


Oh my goodness! My late hubby had UC and had quite a miserable time with it 😞. Everywhere we went seemed to be planned around where there were toilets. I wish I'd know then what I know now about supplements and UC, I think it might have made a difference. Pity the docs don't know anything about it, especially Vit D.

I expect you mum might know but just in case she doesn't


I shall pass this on. Thank you!! xx


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