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Hashi's and Vitamin A

I have been trying to find an answer as to why my tongue has furrows (or creases) in it. They have been there for the past 2 years and an increase in levo and the addition of T3, Vit D and B12 have made no difference, although I feel better in myself, but not right.

I found a website which indicated that this could be a Vitamin A deficiency as thyroid hormones are required to process it and Vitamin A is often found in people with Hashi's.

Does anyone know, or have experience of the same thing?

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You are right about vitamin A. It is very important for good thyroid health but if you have an underactive thyroid through whatever means (e.g. Hashimoto's) your body isn't able to make vitamin A from the carotenes in vegetables so, unless you are eating a lot of vitamin A rich foods, you are likely to be deficient.

There is more information about vitamins and minerals in thyroid disease on the main Thyroid UK website here

I hope that helps

Carolyn x


Thank you Carolyn, strangely it is not a Vitamin I had given much thought to and had never connected a deficiency to Hashi's (which I have). I suppose I eat an average amount of vitamin A foods, but will have to look into this further. Are there Vitamin A tests do you know, and are they reliable?

Thanks again, much appreciated

Jan x


Yet another thing I didn't know about this bloody condition!! I have shocking night vision (I have refused to ever drive in the dark again unless it's a matter of life or death) so I think some supplements may be in order...


It does seem never ending, just when you think you have is sussed up comes something else. Hope supplements make a difference to your night vision but I think you need to go carefully as they are fat soluble and don't leave the body easily. My reading has indicated a dose of around 7-800 mcgs daily but with a deficiency it looks as if it might have to be upped for a bit until the level becomes normal. But this is only what I have read so don't know what to do myself unless I have my levels checked first. Don't think I will get that one past my GP! she doesn't believe that hashi's brings on any Vit/mineral deficiencies.


This is a yes and no answer. It's really interesting that Vit.A could be the answer to tongue furrows,I for one hope it is. Could lack of VitA also explain some of the skin issues us thyroid sufferers have? My only worry is overdosing. Vit.A is toxic to the liver,another area some of us have a problem with.x


I'm thinking of maybe just taking it on a day on day off basis. Not sure how safe that is so will be happy to be put in my place if anyone thinks it won't work!


I hope it works,keep us posted.x


I have read something about vitamin A being used to produce TSH... might explain why it becomes low in people with Hashi's.

Vitamin A is a complicated beast ... I think you need good levels of iron, zinc and other things in order to transport vitamin A to where it's needed. It's something to do with retinol binding proteins.

I have tongue furrows too... and have been working my way though all kinds of possible deficiencies and combinations of deficiencies to try to get to the bottom of things. Jury's still out on what the cause actually is.


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