D3 & K2 - MK7 dosage

I've been taking 3 of these daily myprotein.com/sports-nutrit... and have just realised the doseage per capsuale & think I may be taking too many - should I just be taking 1 per day?

Also, I'm looking to add in K2-MK7 & wonder if this looks like a good one? luckyvitamin.com/p-27229-do...

Many thanks for your ongoing support on this site x

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D3 should be dosed according to your vitamin D level. What was it?

Hi Clutter

Resent bloods showed 61 (50-100)


I think 2 x 2,500iu will be sufficient for 8-12 weeks and you can reduce to 1 x 2500iu after that and retest 6 months after you started supplementing.

Thank you. I didn't realise the dosage & was worried I'd been taking too much. Thanks again for your help.

Justliloldme You will need two of those Drs Best K2-MK7 as they're only 45mcg capsules.

Have you seen Now brand amazon.co.uk/Vitamin-K-2-MK... - those are 100mcg x 60 capsules

Or amazon.co.uk/Vitamin-MK-7-N... - 100mcg x 180 soft gels. These would be my choice, they contain extra virgin olive oil (helps absorption) and as they are soft gels they don't contain the fillers that capsules do.

Thanks Susie - I'll have a look at this now.

Hi Justliloldme, sorry to gatecrash, but I read on a previous post that It is beneficial not to take vit D3 and K2-Mk7 together, but have looked for it and cannot find it again. Since reading it I have split my dose taking the VitK2-Mk7 in the morning as it said it can stimulate you and the vit D3 with my evening meal. I hope someone will clarify this information.

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