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Hi can anyone decipher blood results please

Hi this is a second question to blood test results 6 weeks ago which i posted results are bone profile alkaline phosphate (83)albumin(36) calcium(2.58) adjusted calcium(2.70)phosphate (0.81) vit d (49)glucose (5.4)urea and electrolytes sodium(141)potasium(4.0)chloride(108)urea(4.7)creatinine(58)estimated gfr(60) liver function total bilrubin(10) aspartate transamina(41)alaninetransaminase(64)albumin(35)thyroid function tsh (0.04)free t4(19) my last calcium test taken 6 weeks ago adjusted calcium was 2.70

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You need to post the ranges as well, different labs vary in the ranges they use


hi lab ranges as follows Alkaline phosphatase 40-150 albumin 32-45 calcium adjusted 0.70-1-40 phosphate 0.70-140 sodium 135-145potassium 3.5-5.0 chloride 98-108 urea 2.5-7.5 creatinine 40-130 total bilrubin <<20 aspartate transamina <<40 alanine transaninase <<50 alkaline phosphatase 40-150 albumin 32-45 tsh 0.35-5.00 free t4 9-21


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