Lost it BIG time

Hi All,

I will appologise for this rant even before I write it, so you have been warned before you read any further.

Just had an appt at the hosp with, what I thought was, my endo only to find when I got there that I was placed with another endo and to say she was totally and utterly useless would be an understatement.

The appt did not start well with her FOUR attempts at writting down my new dosage of T4. She was supposed to be writting 112.5, first she wrote 125 "no, I said 112.5" then she wrote 122.5, "no, one, one two point five" to which she then wrote 152.5 and by this time I was starting to wonder what the hell I was sitting in front of. She finally got it right on the fourth attempt and looked pleased with herself for doing so.

I then asked about the calcium/creatine urine test I had had done a few months ago and this is how the converstation went.

Her: Yes everythings normal.

Me: Sorry I dont do "normal" can I have some actual figures please.

Her: Both your calcium and creatine were in range.

Me: Can I see (she then swung the screen around for me to see)

Me: That creatine result is only just above the bottom of the range.

Her: Yes but it is still in range.

Me: What are the other two results highlighted in red and marked abnormal thst re way below the ranges.

Her: O we dont take any notice of those.

To say I was getting angry is an understatement. I have heard many times on here about endo's like this one but, thank god, had never actually met one before. The Calcium/creatine ratio test was a test for Paget's disease, which can be traced back at least four generation in my family but this endo decided to tell me that there is no family connection with Paget's and it was "viral". I cant even print on here my answer to her at this point but she could definately tell I was getting very upset.

I thought I would move on to the next subject of my low iron and its link with thyroid illness only to be told "there is no link between thyroid illness and low iron" to which I replied "next you'll be telling me there is no link between thyroid illness and low B12 or VitD" to which she replied "no there isn't"

I stood up, telling her that this was an absolute waste of time and I will be sending her articles from the BMJ that I think she should read regarding the link between all the above and thyroid illness, and then I stormed out.

Next I made my way over to the reception area and demanded to know WHY I had been seen by such a useless, incompetent endo who didn't know her thyroid from her kneecap and the reply made me even more angry. It was all down to who the RECEPTIONIST allocated you to. I was out of pocket by £50 in wages, fuel and parking money, had been sat in front of, what has to be, one of the most useless endo I am ever likely to meet and all because a receptionist decided this was who I should see. It was quickly added to my notes that, in future, I was to see my original doctor only and noted how displeased I was with the way the consultation had gone.

Displeased was a bit of an understatement as my temper had flared that much that the recpetionist asked if I was o.k. to drive home. To my suprise the endo then came out to reception and asked if I wanted to see my original doctor but I was so angry by this time that I gave her such a glare that she backed away and I stormed out before I got myself thrown off of the premises.

The only good think to come out of this appt was that I TOLD HER what tests needed to be done, and she actually ordered every single one of them.

I will be writing to my original endo tomorrow to ask for a copy of my creatin/calcium ratio test to be sent to both myself and my GP as his collegues attitude to my abnormal results is unsatisfactory and I will be seeking a proper explination from my own GP. I will also be putting lots more in the letter for him to digest along with the possibility that a formal complaint will more than likely be heading his way.

Now I understand what people on here are on about when they speak of awful treatment from endos but unfortunately for this particular endo she picked the wrong one with me.

Moggie x

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  • How many years does it take to train to be a doctor? What on earth are they teaching these people? I know your post isn't meant to be funny Moggie, but the idea of you sitting across from this poor woman just makes me chuckle, bet she wishes she hadn't bothered going in today! H x

  • Maybe I'll chuckle tomorrow but at the moment I am still so angry, not just for me but for all the other poor thyroid patients that have the misfortune to sit in front of her. They haven't all got the knowledge that we have on here and her "in range" or "normal" will actually be believed by some.

    Cant wait to start my letter tomorrow telling her boss exactly what I thought of a, her skills as a doctor and b, her attitude. Maybe I will need to get my letter checked over by my level headed friend before I send it or I will definately be saying goodbye to her boss (my original endo who I thought I was seeing in the first place)lol.

    Reading my post back I can see why you had a chuckle - boy when my temper goes it goes with one almighty bang.

    Moggie x

  • Your anger is entirely understandable. I used to be one of those people that blindly accepted the "you're normal" prognosis, for years and years really. Wish I'd had a Moggie fighting my corner :-(

  • Dont wish that on yourself - its not a very pretty sight when my temper is in full swing.lol.

    Moggie x

  • I think they do a four-day training course on thyroid gland issues. Nothing on clinical symptoms.

  • This one must have missed three out of those four days then - seriously though is that all they do? That is disgusting.

    I did find out yesterday that out of 10 weekly clinics only one two hour clinic is given over to thyroid patients - the rest is for diabetics. My reply to the nurse on this was " We thyroid patients get a raw deal all round then don't we" to which she agreed.

    Moggie x

  • It must have been a horrible experience. I am glad you got your messages across, and that the tests are ordered. It is times like this that having read and learned here counts for so, so much.

    And very big welcome to your new label! :-)


  • Thanks Rod - yes this site, and all its very knowledgable members, are worth their weight in gold - unlike that stupid endo.lol.


  • It reminds me so much of my visit to the endo at my local hospital with my daughter.....sorry, make that general medic because our local hospital doesn't run to an actual endo, just an endo dept! We sat there for an hour or more "taking up the time of his subsequent patients" he wasted no time telling us. During that time he didn't move from his chair to examine Caroline in any way, and after we explained how test results were often not accurate he said well he knew better after all his work with marines and marathon runners! To Caroline's enormous credit she held herself together brilliantly and was incredibly erudite and medically knowledgeable which no doubt irked him even more! We subsequently made a formal complaint to the hospital to later learn that he had had a cosy chat with the complaints people and that we were "aggressive" and "rude". That's what happens when you know more than the idiot doctor in front of you!

    I'm so sorry you had this experience too Moggie. I wonder how many more have had it across the country?

    Jane x

  • On the positive side - at least I will now know, and appreciate better, how people on here feel when they are faced with this level of ignorance.

    Am phoning the endo's secretary today to discuss yesterday's appt and to ask for the abnormal results to be sent to my GP so that I can talk to her about them.

    Thanks for your input.

    Moggie x

  • Im so sorry you had this experience. Its actually really worrying that this person is being let loose as a so called "expert" . Am I to take it that this woman was a Consultant? Where is the duty of care when patients are forced to double check what the Doctor is doing?

    I know that with some conditions it is expected that patients become whats known as "expert patients" but with Thyroid conditions you would think wouldn't you, given the numbers of people involved, that you would not need to become an expert patient in order to ensure proper treatment.

    Most definitely complain and if possible ask for another appointment with your normal Consultant, after all, why should you be inconvenienced by others ignorance.

  • Yes she was actually a consultant - well supposed to be and I will be telling the endo's secretary later exactly what I think of her lack of knowledge and her attitude.

    Moggie x

  • I hope you will complain to PALS. Only then will the Hospital itself have to deal with putting incompetent Doctors in charge of patient care!! x

  • oh wow, sorry Moggie :(

    I once (last March) went to my endo appointment just to find out that he was not there and I was called by someone else.......'Miss *****, please do come in', I looked at him and said 'You are NOT Dr so and so, where is Dr So and so? I came to see him today NOT YOU!', he said 'I know I am not Dr so and so but I promise you I am nice, please do come in'

    I said to him 'I don't do NICE, I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU, I only want to see Dr so and so, GOODBYE'

    I turned around and went home.

    Like you Moggie I have read far too many 'not so amusing' stories of endos on this forum and I did not want to risk having the same experience.

    Sorry you had to go through this x

  • Wish now that I had done the same but if you could have seen the way I reacted when I found out that this mess was all down to the RECEPTIONIST, what a totally stupid system to have in place, how the hell is a receptionist supposed to judge patient priority.

    Moggie x

  • Remember me, Tish4 and Tish27, well my doctor has referred me back to my Endo, I have already had a blood time for him in readiness for my appt with him, I rang his office and spoke to his specialist nurse, I have had a letter stating that to avoid disappointment he warned me that he does NOT prescribe NDT etc and will only prescribe T3 under extreme conditions!!!!

    I asked the nurse how long would I have to wait for my appt, she said he has read my referral letter from my arrogant Dr and has considered my case NON urgent and that I may have to wait up to 12 yes 12 weeks. I explained to the nurse my situation that my husband had left me , I was struggling with horrendous symptoms, eg passing out , massive fatigue problems, headaches, pains all over, unsteady on my feet....., going to the races on Sunday and my body going into panic mode and the on site Dotcor was so concerned he wanted me to go to hospital, my heart was racing at 140 , it took 30 mins for it to return to normal....., all she could say was I sorry about that but we have to go by the GP's letter, go back to your GP, well I saw my GP 3 times last week and on I occasion passed out in reception, I still had to wait 60 mins to see the duty Dr, we had a chat, didn't even take my bp or pulse, then sent me home, half crippled with cramping legs, it took me ages to get home, and it's only about 200 yards away, a young delivery man helped me home in the end!!!!!

    So I said so you STILL think this is NON urgent, see your GP again was the answer, I said so if it's 12 weeks waiting then you probably will not see me because I will most likely be dead and cremated by the,...what do you mean she answered , ...because I am extremely ill..., I answered and at times suicidal, oh she said, then you must go back to your GP, I said but it's the Endo I need to see so my medication can be checked out, ...sorry said there is nothing I can do!!!!

    ! Well I was so livid I hung up, I was going to ask her to send me a printout of my last weeks blood test but what is the point !!!!!

    I am GUTTED,

    Oh, by the way me and my hubby are back together and trying hard to come to terms with my illness, it's extremely hard for us both but as least he is trying xxxx

    Ps I have Graves' disease and extremely severe TED with double vision and this is still so active my specialist is still waiting for it to settle down before he can treat me, other than Hydo tear drops. Even my appts with hi keep getting put back my next appt with him is the end of SEPT....

    I am awaiting an operation to remove my gallbladder due to painfull gallstones, I have high blood pressure, severe acid reflux, pins and needles, pains all over, cramp in legs at night...I, can't sleep because of these symptoms....

    Etc etc,

    Next week I am going for an appt about my IbS and pains in my side....

    i think you get the picture, AND my case is considered NON urgent !!!!!!!!

  • Hi Tish

    It may be better if you posted this as a new Post - comments can get missed...



  • Sorry Louise, I have to go out now, and not sure how to that without writing it all again...i have severe double vision and it takes my ages to key anything......But thank you for your time its much appreciated xxx

  • Copy & Paste :

    Left click and hold on the text to highlight,scrolling across the words to keep them blacked out. Then select right button and when menu appears scroll down to copy.

    Start a new post and right click 'Paste' the saved words in the new box. Don't use copy before you've done this as the words will be replaced.

    There's also options in Windows for expanded text for sight limitations which may help.

    You are allowed to rant in your own posted thread - it's called Endo steaming... :)

  • I am using my iPad, how do I doit on there xx

  • Come in- IPad user...

  • Great phrase - endo steaming.lol.

    Moggie x

  • lol endo steaming

  • If I was you and in this kind of state, I would not hesitate at rolling up at A & E!1!

  • Done that got the flipping tshirt very nearly died a few weeks after my TT op, rushed to hospital in an ambulance keep up all night with racing heart , cramping legs, severve thumping headache, the b.... that took my bloods bruised my all over, I had acid reflux, and my pain in side, new team took over in the middle of the night, coughed my guts up but still had to PLEAD for a glass of water, no flipping food or meds to help me , and that wimp of a husband just say there like a f....... Zombie and let them get away with it, in the morning yet another team, oh we're pleased to say you can go home now, your blood tests are fineajhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    They sent me home with excruciating cramp in my legs etc etc , I Would rather f...... Die than go to that so called hospital again,,, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    I am soooo angry today I am isolating myself altogether I cannot cope with people at all I Hate everyone, I have had a very worrying day sorting my stupid bank out,i ended up making yet the fourth call to them today, so I just called again to sort things out and got so frustrated with the robotic idiot and end up telling them to p.... Off too.ahhhhhhhhhh GOD help me cos no b...... Else will.......grrrrr

  • make a profile on NHS choices and give firm and hard hitting feedback about the hospital and department! Mary F x

  • Good idea.

    Moggie x

  • Yep- I saw a really damning post on my local surgery that would have put anyone off going there. But- it was on file still, which is something... Worth doing. The posts were checked before publication, but mine went in- though it was a bit kinder as they've been through a lot of reorganising lately.

  • moggie i am sitting here raging with you!---- no link - maybe there is no link to the thyroid withe bloody thyroid itself---- it never seizes does it that lack of knowledge is unbelievable.

  • Just spoke to the man himself and I think he heard about my reaction yesterday and was very eager to please.

    He explain ALL my test results and the fact that, to give everyone a fair go, he only see's his patients personally every other appt (which now it has been explain I can see the reasoning behind it) but was still adamant that iron levels have no baring on thyroid medication, that brain fog is not a symptom of thyroid illness and when I mentioned the huge amount of hair loss I am experiencing at the moment (these are he's words not mine) "in my 25 years of dealing with thyroid patients I have never yet met anyone who is completely bald"!!!!!!!!

    And this is the top guy - unbelievable.

    Moggie x

  • I am assuming it is the same department I went to and clearly it is not getting any better! Mind you, I was made to cry by the endo and thrown out of the office and branded aggressive. Complaint was dealt with by his best mate!!!

    I am glad you are able to stand up for yourself, the bald comment is completely unacceptable though. Errr hair loss is not total baldness and you are a woman. Jesus.

  • Yep same dept but I think the NHS are running scared at the moment with the amount of complaints regarding patient care, if anyone deserved to be branded aggressive it was me yesterday but no one even attempted to throw me out of the dept - I dread to think what would have happened if they had tried (do they have internet access in Holloway.lol)

    Moggie x

  • Part of my complaint was that it was useless to be seen by anyone other than your endo (which was useless anyways but ...) as each time the person just said they couldn't do anything without the big bosses say so. So what was the point of the appointment? Crazy.

    I think you do have access to the internet in Holloway and if you didn't I am sure you could get it installed :)

  • well i AM PRETTY BLOODY BALD--- I HAVE JUST GOT A MEDICAL NOTE FOR A WIG and the dermo doc knew more than the bloody endos---she said i should have had replacement cortisol when i was very very ill in 2007 and 2010, what is wrong with them hair loss is well know to cause hairloss,it affects every damned cell and function.... gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • You can 'rate' hospitals on here - I strongly recommend you do that!

  • Actually, that capability was lost in the site change over! :( x

  • Oh that's a shame - can it not be restored?

  • Hi, sorry, no. It would appear that it was hardly ever used...



  • This incompetence is frightening! Well done you for your strength to fight back! x

  • Until petitions and direct actions take a hold ,nothing much is going to change at the top end of Endo land re:Thyroids.

    The market is cornered and fight back is unlikely from ill people.

    Dr Skinner being hauled up by GMC is part of the scare tactic, to keep a lid on things a while longer. I really hope things change when the Scottish petition gets the working party report back.

    Ignorance is bliss -unless you're on the receiving end!

  • When my temper kicks in and the adrenaline starts to pump strength doesn't come into it I'm afraid. Not a nice way to achieve results but very effective.

    Moggie x

  • My family calls it thyroidal strength!

  • Or - for the UAT losing the polt!

    Sorry, I really meant finding it-with the help of TUK :)

  • exactly!

  • Sorry but cant blame this on anything remotely thyroid related - I have ALWAYS had a bad temper (could be something to do with my red hair), in fact it has got a lot better since my thyroid troubles began due to the fact that I can feel really ill after a temper tantrum.lol.

    Moggie x

  • I am afraid to say that this is how I operate, I find it so sad that time after time the past few years that to get any get sort of decent response from anyone in some sort of power I have to have a bit of a meltdown, BUT it sadly does get results along with a reputation. D :-O

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    Moggie x

  • I think it's grand at how well you exposed the problem within the NHS. I think it is really fair warning to new patients who need to be motivated to be prepared for this maltreatment. Very effective, keep ranting if necessary.

  • Hear, hear!!!

  • Been to the endos and had similar service until I kicked off and walked out. They then "forgot" to send me an appointment until I complained. I then saw the top guy and had an apology from him and was told that the receptionists ran the show. EH???? Madness utter madness. Good for you for standing up to these clowns.

  • Sounds like you are using the same hospital as me - or is this standard practise.

    Moggie x

  • Ha I think they are all pretty poor from what I read Moggie. If I have to go back to a hospital again then I may ask to swap and change and mess them about!!

  • Well done Moggie for making your dissatisfaction known! She clearly was out of her depth and in need of training. You've also challenged the Receptionist's system of allocation, that really is a nonsense and should be changed.

    Good luck with your letter writing - unless we make formal complaints then the NHS just bumbles along being answerable to nobody.

  • Spoke to the big man himself yesterday and by the way he was on the phone he had heard about my little temper tantrum the day before. Up until yesterday he was very open to my opinions but all he did on the phone was back up what he's stupid colleague had said. As someone said to me yesterday, it looks like I have gone as far as I can go with this endo, which is a shame as, like I said, he was coming around to my way of thinking.

    Moggie x

  • HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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