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Latest blood results on Erfa, TSH is suppressed is this ok?

Hi everyone

Just had my latest blood test while on Erfa. Am a bit concerned as my TSH which has always been so slow to react has become suppressed. Does this TSH level make me hyper? I did not take my meds till after the test.

TSH 0.04 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 14.6 (12-22)

T3 5.5 (3.1 -6.8)

Any comments very gratefully received.

Have still got loads of hypo symptoms although for the first time the brain fog has eased slightly.

L x

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Your TSH is low but not suppressed. Below 0.04 is suppressed, so you are as close as you can get. The risks of problems increase if your TSH goes below 0.04 or above the reference range (possibly before you get to the top of the reference range). You should be ok if you are not experiencing symptoms but you might want to discuss it with a doctor with some expertise in the area (i.e. not just any old endo who thinks endocrinology is the study of diabetes!)

You might have a problem using the thyroid hormones so do check your iron and ferritin are optimal.

You might also have a problem with T4, like I do. This might be why your TSH is so low. The hormones are there but the T4 isn't really being used or is being converted to reverse T3 (which also lowers TSH).

I have recently reduced my NDT by 2 grains and added 25mcg T3 (half the amount that is supposed to be equivalent to 2 grains) and I feel better already. Reducing my T4 seems to have made quite a difference!

Sorry I couldn't be more help

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn for getting back to me.

I have had a reverse T3 done and it was normal. Am just so surprised to the see the TSH so low, it panicked me. My T4 seems very slow to react to being increased.

Its such a juggling act getting dosage right.


Isn't it just! I've been diagnosed 10 years or more and I'm still not quite there. I have got much further in the last couple of years, since finding Thyroid UK though :)


My TSH is 0.01 and the lab said 'on sufficient levo'. I think if you feel well it's o.k.


TSH is a horrible test, it is slow to react and may take years to do so. You should take your temp with a regular thermometer and pulse rate. TSH only measure your pituitary, it doesn't measure your thyroid at all. I hate seeing TSH tested at all, it has no validity when it comes to thryoid. What thyroid does it raises your basal body temp and pulse rate. You should see what those are.


Thanks for the reply. My temp is constantly 36.4 and my pulse about 72. This does not seem to change.


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