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TSH is now 'suppressed' at 0.08

I haven't been here for a while, but in June went up to 100mcg Levo after an increase from 50-75 then the 100.

I have felt a whole lot better, but at my last blood test my TSH was 0.08 ( on 75mcg it was 0.9 and i have been trying to get it down to around 0.3 to see if this made a difference). It wasn't my usual Dr, so she said if i feel better then to have another blood test in 6 weeks ( which will be next week) and see what the result is then.

They will NOT do a T3 and T4 test at my Drs. Anyone else on a 'suppressed' TSH level and can it do more harm than good?

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Mine is 0.08 I feel very well.

Its only a problem I believe if it causes increased T3


Hi there, just to say I have,or had, suppressed TSH of 0.01 the only test done at my gps on that occasion. I was told I was over medicated but to be honest I also felt the best in a long time and was unwilling to reduce without t4 and t3 tests.Those I had done privately and they came back well over the upper range haven't got the ranges to hand but the t3 was in the 8 something,the top of range for t3 at my lab is 6.5 so on that basis I cut back on the yet to be retested in month or so,so don't have any words of wisdom! As I understand it it's the t3 that is the vital one to be in range,but to be honest without that test done I wouldn't have been aware of any ill effects and felt wonderful.I guess it's a trade off and a very personal decision which way to go and what advice to follow,a lot of people keep with a suppressed TSH,feel great and don't want to know what the t3 is which is maybe not a bad way to go - ignorance can be bliss!! For me,I can only say if the T3 was fine then I would stay on the dose that made me feel so well,problem is when you do know the T3 level is too high,then it's more of a dilemma to know what to do!!


Cal1971,although nothing is absolute with Hashimotos or Graves disease (that is a lay persons opinion and experience) See page 88 of Understanding Thyroid Disorders by Dr Anthony Toft.

Published in Association with The British Medical Association and now a Patron of

£4.95 in any chemist or bookshop.

Although my experience is most NHS Doctors have little knowledge of this highly regarded Doctor's observations/expertise.

I take this small book with me to Dr's appointments as it is accepted by BMA and present the relevant bits. I do not agree with all that he says but it is a good 'back to basics' quick read.....for free even!

Apologies if you know of this book already but again in my so keen to live...that I forget my resources on the book shelf.

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Hi Woolywyn

I have no idea why you think he's a Patron of TUK!? lol! But he's not!




Apologies re dr Toft is Not patron TUK :(

what a gaff...thanks Louise for picking up on this.

Wishful thinking perhaps!



Can you get private testing?

Some people have managed to get private testing through their surgery, so it may be worth asking about that....

I would not be happy without a T4 & T3 test just to keep an eye on the levels....

Some people feel at their best with low TSH levels, but other people would be feeling over-replaced....

I would definitely advise having the extra tests and keeping a diary of how you are feeling..



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There can be a variation of opinions even within a surgery.My TSH went below I......0.13

One Gp said he was happy with that as long as I felt OK.....another said I was over medicated.However he agreed to accept the opinion of the first GP and I am still on 100 mcgs Levo.I would feel it's important to get your vitamins tested ....B12,folate and D......I was surprised how low mine were and now take folic acid and B12 Methylcobalamin.........and haven't felt so bright in ages.vitamin D is a " get out in the sunshine job" + plenty of fish if you can.

We're lucky to have support here as you have to keep continually plugging away to get these tests on the NHS but they should be made available to you. I have to say though ......haven't managed to get T3 test yet ...will have wait 'til I am at last seeing an Endo.

I have to wait until November which is making me smile the time I get there TUK may have solved my problems for me !

I hope you can get all that you need to feel good.


Mine is even lower and i've never felt better. For years the NHS kept me at tsh of 4 saying it was normal and i felt awful. Now i use NDT, determine my own dose, have suppressed tsh and have never felt better.


I had thyca so need to be suppressed <0.1. On 200mcg TSH was 0.001 and I felt dreadful. On 100mcg TSH is 0.03 which is better although I still feel lousy because one of my endos is content that my T³ is below range rather than in the top percantile :(


Thanks for all the advice...I have felt loads better but am now getting tired again- I have another TSH test next week so will see if the levels have 'settled', and will be looking into getting private tests done for the T3 and T4.


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