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Just a reminder to new people on this site -ALWAYS ask for the results and references from blood tests, don't let GP just say 'Normal, bye'

If it hadn't been for this site, I would not be getting better so just a reminder to those new to the site to always ask for references and the ranges for blood tests - then YOU can manage your own health. I find it really awkward to ask for the results and ranges because it sounds like you are not trusting the GP but you have to grit your teeth and do it.

I was diagnosed hypothyroid, had 6 weeks of 25 Levo then 6 weeks of 50. I felt really good at first on the 50 but then plunged back down. I had blood tests last week and on the phone today the GP said 'Everything is normal'.

So again i had to say 'can i have the results and references please'. Cringe!!!

The results were TSH now 2.76. (0.35-5). Going in the right direction as it was 10.27 four months ago.

Free T4 now 13.9 (9-21). again going in the right direction slowly as it was 10.1 four months ago.

Total T3 now 1.4 (0.9-2.5). it was1.5 before so no real. change.

These results are maybe in range but they don't feel 'normal' for me. I'm aiming for TSH of 1 or below and Free T4 of around 18 for optimum health so I let the GP that I'm really not well at all again after a couple of weeks of feeling good on 50 and she's upped me to 75.

Thank goodness for the information on this site now or the conversation would have been: 'All normal and in range. goodbye' as usual.

(I do ask for a copy of my blood test results as well. I can't take time off work to collect it from the surgery so the only way they will post it to me is if I send them a stamped addressed envelope which I do).

PS. I've asked for Free T3 and B12 tests too after advice here but the labs refuse to do them . I've started taking B complex anyway. I already take Vitamin D.

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Well done for taking control! My GP has always been fine about me asking for results. He even turns his screen so I can see them for myself. Shame he isn't allowed to prescribe me what I need; oh well.

Even the receptionist on the phone is happy to read my results to me, with reference ranges, provided I don't ask for too many. I ask for the pertinent ones and then decide whether it would be a good idea to see my GP. Luckily I can still do that. My sister in-law was telling me the other day that they decide over the phone if you are allowed to actually go in and see a doctor! If you have blood tests anywhere in the normal range, you don't stand a chance!

muirfoot107 has given some great advice above. You are all entitled to your results so please do ask. If you are having difficulty getting your GP or receptionist to oblige, here is some info from the main Thyroid UK website that lets you know your rights.

Well done muirfoot107. Very pleased to hear you are starting to feel better :)

Carolyn x


thanks - I might try that - I've been on 175mcg for years (originally diagnosed in '91), but I've noticed that I seem to have a lot of hair coming out again when I brush (thankfully I have thick hair), and am feeling really achy in bones and muscles and so tired - just want to sleep more than usual in the mornings.

The last time my hair came out a lot was when I stupidly came off the thyroxine to see if I really needed it still (about 10 years ago). By the time I realised I did I was so weak...

Anyway, I was wondering only yesterday if my thyroxine needs upping - the last couple of 6 monthly checks (or is it yearly - can't remember), have supposed to have been 'normal'

Perhaps I need to request a test and check the results this time.


I would say that it is necessary to ask for a printed copy of all test results. Last year I moved house. As it takes so long for medical notes to be transferred, my new GP asked me if I could get a summary of my notes from my old GP surgery. The old surgery agreed to do this and, much to my surprise, they sent the summary to me rather than direct to my new GP. Looking through the summary, I was horrified to see that, on more than one occasion when test results were not normal, there was a comment typed in the notes saying “tell patient result normal” !!!



It beggars belief that this is probably happening all over the country to patients with thyroid disease. There should be an investigation into how

the medical profession are allowed to get away with this and the lack of research generally into the condition.

So thankful for this site and the Scottish ladies who are leading the way.

Reply GP did say in an early meeting this year 'your thyroid tests in 2006 were normal'. I didn't know I had been tested before and I'm not even going to ask what these results actually were, at least it's diagnosed now.


Thank you for all this. I am new to the site; and the condition, so need to know things like this.


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