Getting the "Body Chemistry" right might help

Went to a Reflexology clinic that I have used on and off for years. Some people are skeptical of Kinetic testing but I like it. You can see exactly which chemistry is wrong in your body and then see how the machine checks what the clinician recommends to re-balance. I was having terrible pains in my legs since being on Levo. The machine showed that my Calcium & Manganese and Vit D were very very low. 5000i/u a day of Vit D and some Calcium/Manganese plus the magic ingredient "Iodine" drops (seaweed extract) to help convert the T4 to T3. Pains in legs went in 3 days!!!! 1 month later now on lower doses as all the body chemistry is nearly back to normal. It might not work for everyone but it works for me!!!!! I'll now see my Doc again to get my bloods retested to see what the TSH etc levels are showing. Sharing this as it might help some-one else. Regards to you all.

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  • Yes, I've read much about the need for minerals. I'm surprised that magnesium was not on that list since many are deficient. Also the past few years there has been a caution about taking calcium without regard to K2 for proper distribution. Spinach contains K2, but how much of that does anyone eat:) I love it but.......I'm glad you have had such a good result with this and your kinesiologist much be exceptional.

  • What a plonker - yes you are right I should have said "magnesium" !!!!

  • Ha ha, manganese is also very important but, don't worry, all hypos will understand.

  • thank you for sharing that, it was really interesting. If it works it would most likely save all those laborious and endless blood tests for deficiences. Was your iodine detected as a deficiency, or has this just been added to help.

  • Yes it was a bit low, but I think it was also the fact that it helps in the conversion process T4 to T3 so needed to be topped up.

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