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Bit better but not much

Since thyroxine put up to 150 I can support my own weight and walk a little.

Hands, feet and mouth still tingling, dizziness and wobbly feeling no better, nor is disorientation and short term memory.

MCV and calcium in normal range.

Seeing doc on tues for b12, folate etc. She wanted to wait to see if thyroxine increase helped. So fed up with all this.

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What was your MCV? (With range if you have it)


87.8 (80-100)


You should see if they'll check your ferritin and iron as well as the B12/folate. Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks hampster I will.

I'm dangerous at the moment. Just had a delivery and my keys were still in the front door lock (outside). Haven't left the house for 2 days! Thank god I live in a good place as my car keys are on that ring too.


I was just like that. I have set fire to a tea-towel because I put it on a lit ring on the stove. I have set fire to bakewell tart that I was 'warming' in the microwave. I put it on for far too long and it's not a good idea to put bakewell tart in the microwave anyway - I knew this too!

I am like a different person now though. Hopefully you will be much better soon too :)


It's good that the increase is helping a little. Hopefully with some more tweaking, and finding out if there are any other underlying problems, you will be able to feel better soon!

Please keep us posted.

Carolyn x


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