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I have fluffy hair!

Following on from Moggie's post bemoaning her 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look and her new discovery, I decided to try some myself.

The meadowsweet shampoo was unfortunately out of stock so I ordered the meadowsweet miracle conditioning shampoo and body wash. Can't believe the difference in the texture of my hair and I am delighted.

Also ordered the foot soak and foot cream as my feet have been suffering terribly in this heat. Will report back on this.

Package arrived promptly from the Isle of Skye with a compliment slip and a few hand-written words. I must say that these products would make a great gift. So nice to use something that is locally sourced and hand-made.

Thanks Moggie!

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Hi Cinnamon Girl,I too have tried it,thanks to Moggie,It's early days but I love it. It works and smells great. Thanks again to Moggie.x


Good to hear of another happy customer! Do hope Moggie has seen this thread.


Just caught your replies and thanks for the feedback - you might want to try the hair oil as well as its brilliant. They actually made Naamisue a special product up for her hair - customer service or what!!!!

So does this mean that the "dragged through a hedge backwards" hair style will soon be no more?

I was thinking of finding out about a thyroiduk discount so maybe I'll ask Louise how this might work and who approaches the company.

Moggie x


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