I must be dreaming :-)

Over the past 10+ months, I have pretty much given up on conventional doctors, due to the many reasons we all have voiced, but something happened recently, that seems like a dream. First off, yesterday I ordered some additional thyroid antibodies tests, that I was sure would be questioned by my GP, but they were ordered without question and I had them drawn today. Secondly, they scheduled a follow up appointment for me today, to discuss my symptoms and concerns and the ENT was extremely nice and understanding of my issues. She immediately ordered an uptake scan and follow up for the day after it was finished. She also agreed with my comments on what I thought was going on and stated that she would insist on removing the nodules via surgery if that's what is found to be the issue.

I was floored by her comments and actions, she even shook my hand and said that she understands that I am not feeling well and that she will do everything she can to resolve the issue.

WOW!!!! Someone pinch me :-)


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  • I think you're dreaming too, DanteNXS.

    Your ENT sounds far too perfect ;)

  • I just hope I have not jinxed things with all the praise. :-(

  • Boy.. somebody sprinkled fairy dust..lol.. Fiingers crossed that the dream continues. :)

  • where is this dream endo?

  • I live in North Carolina, where we "supposedly" have some of the best doctors and specialist in the country. Hopefully, I have finally found one of them.

  • PINCH PINCH ! brilliant x

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