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Is there anything I can do about my terrible hair loss?

At one time it was just a slight thinning, now it is devastating me. My hair, like most women, is so important, my fringe (to hide my lack of eyebrows) is so poor now. I have been using Nioxin 4 shampoo and conditioner for some months now after I saw a suggestion by someone on HealthUnlocked but it hasn't helped really.

Does Thyroxine thin the hair as well as being hypothryroid?

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Have you had your ferritin levels checked? This can also contribute to hair loss.


Hi Mistral, I looked back at your other post and you say you had radical stomach surgery many years ago? I was wondering if you are regularly monitored for nutritional deficiencies, or given replacements? The obvious ones are B12, folate and as mentioned iron/ferritin, and vitamin D. Really good article here:




Sorry I did not read all the stream, and thank you for the article, I have been trying to find something that I could perhaps refer the GP to as I feel poor absorption could be a problem. (God the GPs will not be happy, they hate patients presenting them with such information). I am 67 now and keep myself as fit as possible, I still work because I am supporting my daughter with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (thyroid blood test came back normal!!!!) so no help here at all. GPs have convinced her that nothing can be done, even though I have pleaded with her go try someone like Dr Skinner. She was sacked from her job she is single and has a mortgage - so I will fight to the end to try and keep her home for her. Therefore, you can see why it is important I remain as "presentable" as possible. Nobody wants a bald geriatric working for them do they?

My surgery took place in Nairobi (as I said previously many years ago). I still get what they call 'dumping' syndrome which is like a sugar rush which knocks you out, last one I had I fell and hit the corner of the drawers, quite a dent in my head, but these are rare now. Years ago (when back in the UK) I was told not to eat large meals, and that is all the 'monitoring' I have had. I am a fighter though, most of us have to be, don't we?


I find it quite shocking that you have had no follow up treatment from a nutritional point of view, it is well known that gastrectomy will lead to this eventually.

Might I recommend you go on the PAS forum and type in "gastrectomy" in the search box, you will see lots of reference to it:


For your daughter, I would also recommend you read the forum, searching CFS or ME. Another common misdiagnosis of B12 deficiency as well as hypothyroidism.

Another great website for you both:

H x


Hello hampster1

I am so grateful and stunned at your support, as I am not used to anyone (the medical world especially being the slightest bit interested. About 3 years back I was experiencing excruciating stomach pains and I was referred to a specialist at a local hospital . After a visit and a scan they faxed me at work stating they couldn't find anything wrong, I faxed back about my surgery and that perhaps because it was not performed any longer that it may be relevant. I am still shocked at my treatment by this consultant at the next appointment he made me wait until the surgery ended (after 5:00) two hours after my appointment time, and then he tore me off a strip because I was calling his experience into question) I was so demoralised and shocked I broke down when I got outside.

I will have a look in the PAS forum for myself. And suggest my daughter have a look at CFS and ME forum as well as b12d.

Thanks once again.



I find this sort of behaviour by the so-called specialists really weird and puzzling. Did they not go into medicine in the first place to make people better? Shame on them. Keep digging, and I'm sure you'll find some answers. x


Have a watch of this video, the second lady interviewed suffered hair loss:


Once again I am shocked at the time you have taken to send me this video clip. Many many thanks. I only live a few miles for Horden, and God would I love to have this Dr Joseph Tandy as my doctor.

I have decided that I am going to make an appointment and grovel to see if I can get them to give me a course of vitamin B12 injections to see if it makes any difference, it cannot be any more dangerous than Thyroxine!!!.

This may also help my daughter.

Take care and thank you again.


That is incredible Mistral, you should try and see Doctor Chandy if you get nowhere with your GP, as I think he sometimes see's people out of his area. He is behind the website, if you look down the right hand side of the homepage you will see a contact email address for him:


I also want to stress again how important it is to get all these vits and minerals tested, not just B12, particularly with your gastric history - so don't forget folate, iron/ferritin, vit D and calcium. x


Have you tried virgin coconut oil? It can help with hair regrowth. I use it to style my hair, on my thinning outer eyebrows, as a moisturiser, to cook with & in smoothies. It can help boost the metabolism & digestion that can be sluggish in hypothyroidism. Massage shampoo through dry hair before wetting to clean the oil from the hair


My hair is re-growing since taking T3


Thank you so much for replying.

I had a feeling that something like this would be the case. I asked my GP about a year ago if they could try me on T3 because I was feeling even worse than I normally do and my hair was getting thinner and thinner, and my eyebrows were almost gone - but the answer was No! Just another occasion that I left the GP's with a very heavy heart. To be honest I have stopped going, I go once a year for my Thyroid blood test which always come back normal whether I am taking Thyroxine or not (and I only go because I would probably not get my Thyroxine if I didn't). I don't suppose it helps my condition worrying about becoming bald, but being able to see your scalp is so soul destroying. I am only on Thyroxine because of Dr Gordon Skinner - there was a long protracted battle with Scottish GPs (when I lived in Scotland) and I suppose now I live back in England all this will be on my records and there is just no way of getting any support or help. I suppose I should think myself lucky that they continue to prescribe Thyroxine.


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