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Diagnosed in June 2012 - Hair Loss & Weight

I was diagnosed in June 2012 as Hypothyroid. My doctor actually laughed when he told me and mentioned that I should be in hospital as my reading were so low-high. I have asked him a couple of times since June what my readings were but just couldnt remember what he told me, going back in January so will defo write it down this time.

I had all the symptons that go with Hypothyroid and the two that probably stress/ed me the most were/are the hair loss and weight gain.

My hair was coming out in hand fulls, I could have cried every time I washed my hair. My hairdresser recommended a treatment called Nioxide, she actually gave me the starting kit for free, she was so confident of the product. It may not suit everyone but after 4 wks of use my hair stopped falling out (had really fine hair to start with). The reason I post this is that if it helps one other person it's worth posting. I take 150mg of levothyroxine and my hair is not falling out any more. I use the shampoo every 2nd day and will continue to use it I guess for a long while. It is avail in salons or online in the UK, but it is not cheap unfortunately but defo worth it. This is definately not an advert.....

I am now looking for some advice about a vegetarian diet that will help me shift the horrendous weight I have put on. Any advice welcome. Thanks

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hi sweet---- well laughing how caring can you get-- how appalling--- what a moron- i aminterested in your hair product as i have about 3 strans and about to buy a wig- more details would be helpful , where to get , whats in it and name of maker- as for weight thyorid needs to work as your metabolism is restricted wihout enough, all cells functions etc need it, bear in mind that you may need t3, which they dont all have knowledge of which always amazes me, yu need to get ft4 ft3 tested-- if you can afford it-- i cant but i have still done it-- a fullthyroid test from genova, it measures ft4 ft3 antibodies reverse t3, and you get an explanation.. that way you will know what is going on, and your local blood test clinic should do it for you provided you fill out the genova form. keep us posted.


Hello, thanks for the help with the T3 & T4 info, I am still so very ignorant with what is going on and what is best for me. I only discovered this website very early hours of this morning, but it's grt seeing how everyone has similar experiences and what is good and bad. The best price I have seen for Nioxide is at . I was so desparate that I was prepared to try anything, for me this has really worked. It stimulates the scalp and hair folicules and gets rid of any toxins. I use No. 3 for noticable thining hair which is coloured. It you go directly to the it goes through questions to see which number is right for you. I really hope it helps.


Hi there why don't you ask your doc for a print out of your results with reference ranges. By rights he cannot really refuse you them.

Jo xx


Hair loss can be predicted by low ferritin levels. The lower the ferritn the higher the hair loss.... Is yours over 70? If not you need to raise it.

Plenty of leafy green veg and pulses for iron if you do the veggie diet. Carbohydrates seem to be the worst culprits f or weight gain..



Thanks I will try more greens. Not sure how I get tested for Ferritin levels?


Doctor can test, or you can get it done privately. I think Genova or blue horizon do it.


When you next see your GP ask for your results for your thyroid tests. These should be FT4 and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Please ask for the results and the reference ranges. This is not a complete range of tests but usually all you will get from a GP.

You will also need your last results for Serum Ferritin, Serum Iron, B12, Folate and Vit D.

You need the result and reference ranges. It is very important to get both the result and the ranges. Do not accept the term normal off your GP. If you are in the range then you will not be offered any help, This is a common mistake and doctors do not have to treat you if you are in range.

Being a vegetarian you are probably low in B12 and iron. Once you get the results post on this forum for advice.

One reason for hair loss is low iron stores, this happened to me and I have managed to reverse the hair loss.


Hi there

I don't know if I can be of any help as I am still struggling with the problems caused by my rogue thyroid. The hair loss is the worst issue for me and I haven't yet found anything to help, it has been made worse by my attempts to come off all thyroid meds a year or so ago, so if anyone knows of anything that is effective for hair loss, I for one, would be really grateful. Having looked into it I find it to be a total minefield with an awful lot of things out there very ready to take your money for very poor results. I am beyond distraught re the hair loss but may give this shampoo a go.

The one aspect I may be able to help with is the weight loss, I have been doing the Alternate Dy Fasting and have lost a stone since the end of July. As someone who has all the associated ongoing weight control issues with the thyroid problems I have to say that this is the best diet I have ever done. I can now eat whatever I want on my eating day and simply do not eat on the fasting day.

I have felt like a freak for years with the continual swelling, bloating and weight gain and have fought against it with every diet going to little avail, this one works really well for me although I think I have reached a plateau and will need to be tougher if I want to loose any more weight. I think it might be quite a good diet for people with metabolic problems and would love to know if it works as well for other folk.

I feel for you with the doctor finding this funny - WTF? there is nothing even remotely funny about a thyroid condition and your doctor obviously is among those out there who just haven't got a clue.

Is the Nioxide showing any signs of regrowth?


Hi, I had heard of the fasting diet but didnt know if that was for me, but like the hair issue is has got to the state I'd try anything. Another diet someone mentioned was the fruit diet, which is only eat fruit before 12 and eat normally after that? Not sure which to try first.

I do have signs of regrowth all round my hairline and the shampoo definately stopped the loss in its tracks. My hairdress had stress alapeshca (bald patches) and her hair has totally recovered. I guess it may not work for everyone but on the website a


sorry I cut this short. on the website there is a trial kit which is cheaper than I pay for the product. If you try it I really hope it works for you.

Well done on loosing a stone, I am really struggling to just lose a few pounds.


Hi - here is a link to one person selling this product Nioxin (my hairdresser did a trial for his wife who'd had cancer and lost hair).

There are at least 5 or 6 different numbers to choose from (types for each condition) - its usually around £30ish but you can get it cheaper:

Go to and its there.

I have no idea what its like but some seem to say its good.



Thank you so much for this info, I will try it (desperate!)

Hope you give the diet a go, believe me I've tried everything else and my metabolism is awful! let me know if you decide.


You could try the Australian Hospital diet, you can find it on line , it is really good, it is used for obese patients who are going to have heart surgery, just type ity into your search engine, my daughter has lost three stone on this diet. Good luck with your thyroid problems, this site is so helpful for all of us who are fighting with our Thyroid problems and our doctors. Be happy and well.


Hi I am using nioxin too,although have only used it twice to date but I am impressed at the full clean feeling of my hair, will certainly continue and post results. On the weight front I have been doing the alternate day fasting for the last two weeks and I have lost seven pounds. I am very excited with this result as I only have to walk past a chippie to gain a couple of pounds and usually have to be virtually carb free for a fortnight to lose a pound.I cannot go all day without food as I get shakes and trembles and feel lightheaded so only last till teatime, then I have something like a stir fry or omlette and salad. I would certainly recommend this as I actually feel great not so tired and no bloating. I know this wont work for everyone but it's one of the few things that seems to work for me, only three stone left to go.


Hello Kar Fin

I have androgenetic alopecia, which is an auto immune disorder. There came a time for me, long before I was diagnosed hypo recently, when worrying about my hair consumed my waking hours. I threw the towel in and went for hair replacement at Wattz International in Kent. My hair loss became similar to Jackie's on the website and my solution is similar too.

Just getting ready to tackle the weight gain so I can't help you there, but with ando, your hair will not grow back and you have to stop sulking about it and find a way to get on with your life. there is a website called heralopecia which has lots of helpful information around hairloss but I've moved on ( to my next freaking challenge, lol ) and no longer contribute.

My best wishes to you as you challenge these issues

Raps xx


That must have been very challenging to deal with Rapunzel - I'm glad you've managed to move on.

Best wishes


I have recently been to my GP and am going for a blood test re Thyroid. I've noticed

hair loss particularly when washing it but this morning after combing it back from my

forehead it looks as though I have a widows peak! My hairline has always been the

same as long as I can remember but now there's a point and a stubbly outline.


I also have a widows peak where I used to have a squareish hairline. I thought it was to do with my age and hormones (as in menopausal!) - maybe it isn't? My hair thankfully seems okay at the moment though I have had thinner hair days


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