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My hair has started thinning again (was better for a while) and wondered if anyone has any ideas on best product to use.

I am using a shampoo which is for hair loss and also a scalp stimulator which is a 3 month treatment.

I have read some reviews for ´Viviscal Women's Max Strength´ hair loss treatment capsules and the reviews look quite good. They are quite pricey so wanted to see if anyone has used already and got good results from before I commit to buying them.

Many thanks

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What's your ferritin level? All the hair loss products in the world won't be able to correct iron deficiency.

I should also mention zinc and b12 deficiency can cause hair loss too.

check the ingredients in viviscal. My mum uses something similar, afraid it hasn't helped her

My doctor has the last test results - these were a good few months ago though - I am having new one this Monday, so will post when I get them. Thanks for the advice, I am not keen to spend this amount of money if its not going to make a difference. I am taking Perfect 7 woman supplements at the moment which have zinc, biotin, magnesium, DHA, Vitamin B2, EPA, Omega 3 & Vitamin B6 - separately I have been taken a Vitamin C & Omega 3 on top of these due to high cholesterol. So will look into the B12 - its on the list of what they will be testing me for when I have the bloods done. Thanks again.

I would recommend this shampoo. It helped a lot with alopecia. I had read a hairloss blog before I bought this but cannot find it at present. It says, this is the first thing you should try.

and not expensive. Gentle on scalp. The dermatologist gave me another product and I couldn't sleep all night with a throbbing, painful scalp.

It is an anti-dandruff shampoo and contains Ketoconazolewhich is the ingredient which helps with hair loss. It comes in 1% and 2% but 2% requires a prescription.

This could be good but read the label because I personally would not bombard myself with a load of chemicals long term.

No, neither would I take chemicals long term but if you went absolutely bald, I believe you would trial a product short term. With this shampoo it is every third day and no longer than a month at a time. It did leave me with some hair, not much but some.

You are so right. I would, and as you say it is every third day. My husband uses TGel as he gets psoriasis, and he has lost quite a lot of hair, he is 60 mind you. (Still young!) would it be useful for that condition I wonder.

This is a video for your husband.

This is what I was looking for.

Brilliant - thanks so much, I will have a look at the blog.

Also thank you for the recommendation of the products you mention, I will have a look at ordering it tonight.

There is just so much out there it is difficult to decide what to try and its so good having this forum to be able to ask for advice :)

Thanks again.

I am using the product I believe you may be using and I found some hair growth ...but due to my age and health maybe I cannot expect miricals but I feel there is a difference ..and so does my ahirdreser who recommended it ..I will continue to use it ..

Thank you - am going to carry on using the special shampoos, at least if I am trying to do something about it that makes me feel a bit better.

yes you right least give it a try ..persevere ..I am anyway..we must keep trying and keep gong !ha ha !!

Good Luck .Happy Christmas & new year ..Margaret xx

Yes, very true Margaret - have to keep trying :) Hope you have a great Christmas & New Year too.

NIOXIN SYSTEM this is what I am using and this morning I notice YES new Growth for sure .....I will keep using 3 times a week can get it much cheaper on the internet ..!!

Good Luck once again Margaret xx

Thanks Margaret - I did try this for a short time as I bought a couple of trial sizes. Its difficult to get where I live so I ordered on the internet - will give it another try. :)

Hi !!yes well I have been impressed my hairdresser recommended it was at £10 more from him but will buy next time on the internet.. .my hair is definitely better I do not expect great wonders as one gets older things go a little worse !!:) three times a week really ....use the last small bottle in the place where you suffer loss or thinning and rub in ..Good Luck will wait to hear of your success but be patient it will not happen over night !:) :) xxxMargaret

Thanks Margaret - will update on progress :)

Here's an explanation for 2 types of hair loss;

Androgentic alopecia which is female pattern baldness, at the front. This is caused by too many androgens. I was told that blood tests would show a high testosterone and DHT.

And then there's telogen effluvium which is generalised hair loss. This is caused by hypothyroidism etc..

But you can have both like me, as hypo increases DHT for some reason.

Shaws, do you know which type of hair loss you had?

Not sure - I put it down to my thyroid and maybe that my medication is now a bit low. Initially I was taking lower dose of levo and really noticed my hair thinning. My Endo then increased dose and for a while it seemed to get better, however now I am noticing it again.

Sounds like you need to see your Endo again.

Should get the blood tests done and results for end of this week - so will see the Endo hopefully next week. Am going to a new one for 2nd opinion. Thanks again for your help :)

No problem. Good luck xx

that is very interesting and thank you for that information..Regards ...Margaret

Hi I too was recommended nioxin system and bought the number 4 for fine, thinning hair. A colleague at work was recommended it by her hairdresser whilst having chemotherapy. My hair is falling out for fun after stopping depo provera injection and the months treatment cost me £18 as 33% off online at the moment. Was told it was a good price. Going to give it a try starting this weekend. Good luck.

Thanks speacock36 - will give this a go again, I only had small sample sizes when I used a while back so would not have given it long enough to make a difference. Hope it works for you too :)

No problem Bristol1965, this the site I purchased the system from which arrived 2 days after purchase. Make sure you get the correct number for your hair. Fingers crossed we all get a bit of regrowth like margaret and my colleague.x sarah

what product for hair?

Nioxin system, I have fine hair so bought number 3.x

I bought these and used them for 3 months because I had lost about 70% of my hair, it started to grow back a little so I stopped using them and again bought three months supply but continued to lose hair. I havnt been using them for about 8 months now and my hair has stopped falling out and appears a bit thicker. I tried everything, hair growth shampoos, stimulants, eating the right foods and was even rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar! My vitamin levels are all fine and my hormone levels are within the normal range now. Iv had a scalp biopsy but awaiting results because it seems to fall out bad at certain times and then calms down. I do take evening primrose oil and just hair, skin and nails vitamins and continue to use alpecin. I don't know if it's because my levels have evened out or not but I wouldn't recommend buying viviscal as I don't think that helped at all

The main cause of most of the issues happening now days is the changing schedule and poor diet habits that we are all following.

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