A hair product that works

Hi all,

Just wanted to repost a link for The Dancing Dolphin hair products.


These products really work well on fine hair BUT only for a month or so when used constantly so I keep a bottle of the shampoo and a bottle of the conditioner in my bathroom cabinet for special occassions. The difference when using this product is quite noticable as you hair is fuller with lots of bounce. As I have said above the effectivness seems to fade if you use it constantly but for that special occassion or for beautiful hair every once in a while it is worth the money.

Also, if you put "thyroiduk" in the promotional code box you will get a 10% discount.

Moggie x

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.....never seen a dancing dolphin with bouncy locks Moggie ! Glad you have found something to give you the Red Carpet look once in a while :-) :-)

M x

The red carpet look to go with the red hair (or whats left of it.lol).

Moggie x

As another fan Dancing Dolphin products I agree totally with Moggie. On her recommendation I now use the shampoo and conditioner also love their foot soak and cream and that was so effective in my aching feet that I bought some of their aching muscle lotion for further up my legs ( doubt if that is the label on the bottle but if you are interested you will know which one I mean) the muscle one is amazing, took away all my aches and pains in no time. I also use their midge and mosquito repellent, it is great and in the end I tended to keep it in my pocket for when I was bitten and I found rubbing it into the bite got rid of the pain and swelling in no time, all great stuff. :-)

You must be one of their best customers.lol.

Do you definately get the thyroiduk discount as I was weary of putting this on my link just in case it had lapsed or something.

Moggie x

Ha ha, I know. Yes, I get the discount, it usually works out as free postage. I think I'm addicted to the smell, it is quite unusual at first then it grows on you :-)

Yep must say I have never smelt anything quite like it and great to hear that the discount still stands - thanks for the info.

Moggie x

Is it tested on animals do you know Maggie ?

No they are not tested on animals - which was one of the reasons I bought from them in the first place.

If you click on the link and go to their home page it clearly states this.

Moggie x

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