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So chuffed! A positive experience at the Drs at last!

Have just taken my youngest back to the Drs as shes tired all the time again :-( - I'm going to work, she's asleep and when I get home from work she's napping. After asking her about sleeping patterns, stress, diet ect I explained she'd had abnormal thyroid function tests last yr but when the tests were repeated they were 'normal' and since she's been ok-ish until now, he asked if thyroid disease was in the family I said it was both me and my mum, without hesitation he'd written forms to repeat thyroid function levels, printed a prescription for low iron which hasn't been picked up before and told ME I need to get my sugar tested with my next thyroid function tests because diabetes is linked to thyroid disease along with heart problems! When I checked my daughters test forms he'd added vitamin D and glucose to the thyroid tests and a full blood count too without me asking! :-) .. We shall be seeing him again! :-)

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Excellent job!. X


Sounds like a keeper. Always good when you find a GP that seems to know what they are doing.


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