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Success at last!?

Visit to Endocrinologist today and I came home in tears of joy! First of all he told me that the swelling on my thyroid is a cyst, which is what I said a year ago - because I have many cysts, and I was told that it definitely was not a cyst a year ago!

Secondly after a long conversation he agreed to give me T3. I took Dr Tofts book in with me. Endo told me all the problems with T3 and then I explained all the solutions to these problems. He appeared to be learning quite a lot from me!

Now I have to wait for his letter to reach doctor before I can get prescription. I am now reducing Thyroxine in readiness to begin the new treatment.

I do so hope that this will improve my life and that I may be able to walk again. At least I have a trial which is what I have been asking for a long time,

Wish me luck everyone. Thank goodness for TUK.

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I do hope the T3 helps you. Good luck.


Hi Kathleen,

I am so happy for you. Makes me want to cry too! T 3 will be such a help. Well it is for me, so well done for beating the terrible thyroid system and good luck for the future. xx


Good luck x


That's fantastic news! Hopefully your GP agrees to prescribe it and it makes you better :)

Carolyn x


Best of luck. Well done for forcing the system to work for you. :-) :-) Alison


That is such good news. I am on Levo and T3 and it makes such a difference. Hope T3 works well for you. I do recommend you read "Recovering with T3" by Paul Robinson. It is so informative.


Yes, I have this book and read it with a struggle. It takes a scientific mind to understand all of it but I persevered all the way through. I now have five books about this problem and so I reckon I know quite a lot about it all now. The problem that I have when I go to see the endo is remembering all the technical words but I am getting there slowly.


Yes it is difficult to regurgitate the information when needed!


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