hi im new to all this can someone help

hi ive just been told my thyroid levels are low. my t4 level was 10.4 where it shud of been 12 i think the dr said my tsh level was 1. something dr said this was normal but was rising. so he put me on 25mcg of levothyroxine to take. is there anything i need to no. do i have to request something about the t3 level or do i not need to worry about it. i find it all very confusing. the only reason i had my thyroid checked was due to awful dizziness which has been constant since january feels like brain fog now but it was like everything was moving before which left me bedridden. i would really appreciate some advice. im a 24 year old female. thank you.

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  • also is it ok for me to switch from taking it in the morning to night time? i took it this morning but is it safe to take my next one tomorrow night. the reason im doing this is i take 10mg propranolol (beta blocker) usually in the morning and id like to keep it that way as i tuk it last night but ive had palpitations today as it prob wore off by morning

  • I had similar symptoms. It took 2 years to get a correct diagnosis then I was started on 12.5mcg and gradually moved up. 15 years later I still get better and worse days. The dose has been tweaked up and down and I have always followed the blogs and books for extra info on what to expect unless you get an excellent doc you don't get much info. I know people who take their dose at night with no problem at all.

  • really thats interesting. i didnt think thyroid cud cause dizziness that bad. it all started after a vomiting bug so i thought the virus was an inner ear thing and then family thought it was down to stress so i still dont no. ive seen ents and neurologists with no joy. when should i start noticing improvements if it is to do with the thyroid? thanks

  • The point is if it isn't to do with the thyroid you won't feel better. I didn't understand your test results but to be on levothyroxine the levels should clearly state this, or you should have some of the other common symptoms such as feeling cold, lowered temperature, pulse rate etc. have you seen an endocrinologist?

  • no i dont have those symptoms. they kept checking my thyroid levels every month and they wer still low t4 was 10.4 where it should at least be 12 and my tsh level was 1.0 or something but was rising. havent seen an endo. i have symptoms of overactive instead of underactive

  • Are you sure the symptoms are over as over and under can be the same but you might just need a raise of levo.

    Jo xx

  • ive been dizzy, terrible anxiety, very restless and fidgity and cant sit down. i sleep ok tho and dont suffer with fatigue or anything x

  • ...sorry but I am confused too ! You are on T4 but have Hyper symptoms. Could it be you have the Auto-immune version of thyroid illness. With Hashimotos you can swing between Hypo and Hyper. Your T4 is way too low. It would be good to have your FT3 tested - because if that is HIGH with a LOW TSH then it could be that you are Hyper.

    If your TSH FT4 and FT3 are low in the ranges then the Adrenals could also be implicated. drrind.com a good site where you can compare Thyroid v Adrenals ...do take a look and see if bells ring !

    Also read about thyroid on the main Thyroid UK website - so much invaluable information. Give yourself time and have a good read if you have not done so already. Am sure you will find it very helpful.

  • well theyv been testing my thyroid for a few months and my t4 is always the same 10.4 what should it be? if my t3 is high then will the levo im on be doing me harm? doi have to ask the dr to test my ft3? its all very confusing. the only reason i got my thyroid checked was to rule out vertigo

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