Can someone help me please (if you can)

I have been struggling with a really tight dry throat for about a year now, within last year (beg 2016) I have had my Thyroid levels checked three times which all come back normal & I have had a camera in my throat via my nose and a camera into my stomach, the ENT dr diagnosed me with Globus (I have severe Health Anxiety) but my goodness I have had this tightness now right by my thyroid area for so long, last night it was sore to swallow and my throat feels like there is something in there pushing my throat (I also have a cough) however I have been ill with a cold about a fortnight ago

Any suggestions please? I am trying to suck on soothers and sip ice cold water as advised by the ENT dr however nothing is working...

At my wits end...

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  • Are you taking levothyroxine? If so which brand?

  • No not on any thyroid meds

  • oh ok - I had a persistent cough just as you described since taking one brand of levo - now I have switched it has improved.

    It is possibly due to an allergy to one of the fillers (acacia) - I only recently in the last few years started to suffer from hay fever, the symptoms are what that particular medication triggered.

    Do you have hay fever? Is it possible that you could have started? I do think generally the air quality is poorer (more chemically filled possibly) and there is some correlation between the rise in hay fever amongst people who have never suffered before.

  • I do suffer from allergies but only where pets are concerned i.e. my biggest trigger is cats, there is none in my house now. The cough is scratchy and just makes me cough and cough.....then the tightness, just wish my throat would feel normal again (however that feels), I have had a chest xray in Jan 2016 but that was normal.

  • I do feel sorry for you - it is the most distressing thing to feel a constant discomfort. With all the tests being clear, maybe worth considering an allergy to something, rather than a physiological cause - the fact that you are allergic to animals means that you may also be prone to other allergies - I didn't get hay fever until I was in my late 40s - sensitivities can suddenly hit you out of the blue!

    You can be fine with something for years and all of a sudden your body reacts to it - I used to be a beauty therapist and saw sensitisation of the skin all the time - a client would suddenly react to something they had used for years with no explanation.

    Do you use air fresheners/carpet shampoo or any thing like that - they can cause allergies? Also there has been a rise in allergies because as a generation we do not open our windows as much as our ancestors! We heat our homes up and don't ventilate - this can cause a build up of dust mites, house dust and chemicals from plastics and synthetic materials in our furniture.

    May not help but worth trying to think laterally!

  • Hi there

    Thanks for the advice, it really is getting to me, I wake up with a blocked nose also which is very strange, I should really go back to my doctor and see what they suggest as the next step.

    I love my air fresheners and they always plugged in but that has always been the case for as long as I can remember however wit you saying sometimes I body just changes I should think about turning them off....

    I just want a normal feeling throat :(

  • How are your B12 levels ? Google - low B12 coughing ....

  • I really do not know but I have recently had a FBC, liver, kidney and coagulation blood tests drawn (still awaiting results), how do they test your B12 levels, should I just ask for one, I am nervous about the results of the latest blood tests (they took tests for an unrelated condition to the throat, I am on blood thinners and want to see if they can swap me to a better tablet so thats why they have done the mentioned blood tests)

  • Just wanted to add that it hurts when I swallow saliva ( I am forever swallowing also), but when I drink liquids or eat it doesnt hurt.......

    P.s. I am a smoker also..... (bad I know)

  • B12 is a blood test and tests the B12 circulating. Results need to be near the top of the range if you are Hypo. Also have Folate tested which works with B12 in the body. Also test Ferritin and VitD .....

  • Thanks - will wait to see what the current blood tests reveal......

  • The FBC will NOT reveal any of the above mentioned tests. Smoking reduces B12 and the TSH I have read 😊

  • For sure.......mentally I meant I need to get over what the FBC and other tests reveals first before I jump to other tests.... :)

  • have you tried taking anti-histamines? Might be worth a try and if they make you feel better, then it's just a case of figuring out what is causing the allergic response and removing it. I would definately remove all the plug ins and air fresheners to see if resolves or make better, these make my breathing bad immediately and cause coughing, dry throat and sneezing etc and they are very dangerous to my pets and my daughter coughs her guts out if go into house with them also. I even start sneezing if I get in a taxi with the the little hangy ones. Even if not the main cause, I doubt very much they would be helping as some of these can be quite toxic.

    You could try anti-inflammatory diet to see if helps the symptoms also - mainly gluten and sugar, may help reduce any inflammation you are experiencing in your throat area which again may not be the main cause but may help reduce the symptoms.

    You could try an elimination diet to check for any dietry intolerances that maybe causing an allergic reaction.

    Basically keep trying everything until you hit on something that works even if just to rule them out.

    I can't quite smoking either lol so not preaching, but if all else fails, maybe try that too lol!!

  • Hi there

    WOW thank you so much for your kindness and advise.....I have such bad anxiety that I panic and this is making me panic so badly so not sure if it is in fact anxiety or smoking....I am at my wits end.... even when I wake up my nose is blocked and feels like I have a constant head cold....its awful and seems to be getting worse every day.

  • Well anxiety and panic attacks could make your throat feel tight but generally wouldn't make your nose blocked so prob something else going on there and that you are reacting to something so all is worth a try :o)

  • Do you normally suffer anxiety regarding your health or general ect or has this just been since you've been gaving these problems - if you don't mind me asking :o)

  • Hello

    No I dont mind you asking at all.

    I am generally a very nervous person however all this Health Anxiety started in Jan 2016 when I developed a cough it has all just esculated from there, its getting to the point now that I wake and start prodding (I found a breast lump about 3 weeks ago too), I see the GP on Jan 13th, so as you can imagine I am all over the place, really have no clue where to turn (I sound so pathetic)!!

  • It hits the strongest of us at times so don't feel pathetic. If I had trouble with my throat for that length of time, I think I would be anxious too. I suppose the tricky bit is to work out if any proportion of your problems are caused by anxiety and to deal with that and rule out anything else that's physical that might be adding to it or causing it in the first place. Have you ever tried to get help for your nervousness/anxiety. GPs are frankly quite shit with this (plus they will often diagnose depression/anxiety if they can't work something out rather than admit they don't know). There are often nhs places in most towns where you can self refer for cognitive bahvioural therapy which can help you manage this so worth having a look. Ruling out any allergies/gut issues as suggested would be a good place to start as these can all cause some of these issues x

  • I know, if its not one thing its another, I really cannot deal with it for much longer, I am sick of worrying about my health, I really am!

  • Thank you, shall try

  • Hi

    I have had this sensation you are describing. Sometimes it used to feel like somebody was actually squeezing my throat. I would also find it difficult to use my voice.

    I worked out that it was most probably an autoimmune attack on my thyroid , because it was usually accompanied by other symptoms including anxiety and mild panic attacks. During one of these episodes I decided to have my thyroid antibodies tested privately and lo and behold exactly as I had suspected they were very high.

    I immediately started thyroid medication and haven't had the problem since.

    Maybe that is something to rule out.

  • Hi

    I am almost convinced this is the issue however I have had blood tests to check my thyroid and they always come back normal, is there another test I need to request or get privately?

  • Hi

    Did you get yourself tested by your GP? If so they only test for TSH and t4.

    You need to have a full thyroid panel done.

  • Hello

    Yes always tested via GP - were can I go to get the full panel done please?

  • Hi

    If you check this link out it explains a lot more

  • Brilliant - thank you, ordered the kit to check including the antibodies - thanks again

  • Hi.

    Happy to help. After you get your results back , if you post your results on the forum we can help you work out what's going on and how to interpret the results. They are a lot of knowledgeable people on this board who are very well informed regarding thyroid issues. Even more so than a lot of doctors.

  • Great - thank you very much again, lets hope I get some answers and this is not just all in my head!

  • 2015 I too suffered from health anxiety, it got so severe that every day I was scanning myself for something to obsess about. I hit rock bottom and considered not being here any more because I could not stand the constant worrying, the churning stomach and panic every time I discovered something I thought was abnormal, all of which I kept secret from my wonderful family. I saw my doctor who referred me for counselling, I can honestly say this saved me. The counsellor put me through a health anxiety program which puts everything into perspective, it worked. I too have an under active thyroid and have on many occasions had the same feeling in my throat, I have always put it down to anxiety.

    I wish you all the luck in the world x

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