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New to all this!


I'm new to all this and have been reading lots of posts/articles but am feeling v bogged down with it all and confused!!

I had half my thyroid removed in 1999 due to a large non-malignant cyst and was told at the time the other half would be fine and I would not need meds... I was only 23 at the time and assumed they were correct and didn't give it any more thought! I did have my levels tested once when I was pregnant with my third child but never even asked about the results as they said it was "fine"...

I think I have actually had hypo symptoms for many years (hair loss, nails, dry skin, constant battle with weight, constipation etc) but I just thought that was "me" and didn't associate them.

Recently, though I have been struggling with many more symptoms which have been getting worse and a feeling of something in my throat which given my past set alarm bells ringing. Doc tested TSH and it came back normal but 3.82 (range was up to 4)... I didn't feel normal so started to do research... fortunately my GP was great and didn't just tell me I was normal if I was having symptoms. Have had a scan (all fine except small cyst in half that's left) so was sent to an endocrinologist who has put me straight on levo thyroxine (50mcg).

I picked up the tablets today and start tomorrow morning and basically after reading so much today I am terrified to start taking them!! Shallow I know but I am concerned about more hair loss and weight gain as well as other side effects.

I am also confused about whether I should start boosting any vitamin intake to aid absorption?! Doc has ordered bloods in 8 wks including B vits/iron/vit d which have never been tested...so do i leave the vitamins for now?!

Sorry for long, rambling post but I'm at a by of a loss!

Thanks for reading


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I have been on Levo for 11 years and my hair has grown thicker and I have lost weight.

I know its all a bit scary at first but give it a try and see how you get on.

Others on here are more knowledgeable than me and will give you advice re supplements. Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply! Just feel a bit helpless as I never take meds and feel v reluctant to start..


If it were me, I would wait until I had the results of the vitamins blood tests before supplementing then you can be sure how much you need. In addition, if the results come back with a B12 deficiency, you might need further tests. You would need to ask your doctor whether supplementing now would compromise results.

You are starting on a low dose of Levothyroxine and your TSH level is not very high so I wouldn't worry about needing to start on vitamins for the levothyroxine to work enough to make a difference for you. As soon as you get your vitamin blood results you will know if you need to supplement and can add them in. I would guess that most of us started on Levothyroxine before we corrected vitamin deficiencies.

If you don't feel well on Levothyroxine, just go right back to your doctor and ask to start on a lower dose or change the type of Levothyroxine.

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Thanks so much.. my gut feel was not to start vitamins before they were tested so as not to skew results... I just feel like it's a huge mine field I'm getting into 😳Xx


You'll be alright. At the end of the day if they really don't suit you, you can always stop taking them after discussing with your doctor. You could ask your doctor whether he/she's done blood tests for autoimmune thyroid disease and get those tests done if not. It's useful to know. When you get all your blood test results if you post them here with the laboratory ranges people will give you good suggestions based on their experiences so you won't feel like you are on your own!


Many of us have malabsorption issue and gut problems. This results in lab results showing nutrient deficiencies etc. You will likely see recommendations on here to try to go glutin free in order to reduce inflammation that can inhibit our dosage from doing its job. But as this is early days for you focus on the basics and revisit this topic when you are ready.

And remember : labs are best done first thing after fasting (water OK) and no Levo or hormone for 24 hours prior. This gives the most accurate results. Thyroid U.K. site has a link to go to to order private labs as they are likely more thorough than standard NHS results - which often don't even test free T3!

And welcome to the forum!


Thank you I really appreciate your reply x


Hi Kate and welcome, I remember feeling just as you describe, at a loss and with more information than I could take in. It gets easier and easier, you remember a little more all the time even though it seems to much to start off with.

I hope you soon feel better.


Thank you! Been on the levo for a week now and so far so good... hope this continues!! Xx


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