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10 months down the line I'm feeling pretty OK!


When I was first diagnosed and feeling pretty awful, I used to look for posts from folk who were doing OK. Sadly there weren't that many as most people tend to come here only when they are having problems. So I thought I'd let you know that after 10 months on Levo I'm now feeling pretty damn good.

I'm now on 100mcgs and 75mcgs Levo alternate days and have been for the last eight weeks. For the last five weeks, dare I say it, I FEEL NORMAL. I'd almost forgotten what normal was. At least I think I feel normal!

My blood results on 1st May were (been on 75mcgs for 3 months): TSH 2 (0.5 - 5.5). FT4 16 (10 - 22).

My blood results on 18th June were (been on 75/100 alternate): TSH 2.1 and FT4 16.

This puzzles me slightly because there had been no change in my bloods but for the last five weeks I have felt such an improvement. I started taking selenium, b12 and a multvitamin around the same time so I'm wondering if these have helped also. I've never had any vitamins tested as my doctor doesn't think it necessary. I've never had a T3 test.

I can't say that this is the end of the story for me but I am sure living and enjoying each day and making the most of it!

I'd like to thank everyone on this site for their wonderful help, words of wisdom and support. I would know nothing about thyroid if I hadn't come here. I will of course keep you posted.

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Thanks for telling us about your positive story. It gives others hope that it is possible. So happy for you, and thanks for showing us with trial and error and determination it is possible



Great news! So pleased that you are feeling so well. Kxx


Ah it is good to hear a positive story. Thanks for sharing.

CA x


Great news..it does happen. Keep taking good care of yourself.


Hi forever summer - did you get all the symptoms too?


Hi Southlondon. Yes, apart from hairloss and have only put on about 12lbs of weight which I'm afraid hasn't shifted yet, but I'm hopeful that because I feel so much more energetic I might be able to shift it gradually.


....great news - and your story helps people understand it is a multi-faceted condition and needs to be dealt with on several fronts. Eg = not just medication but also the supplements and of course lifestyle which seem to have helped you. I too have learnt so much from this forum and am also feeling tons better than last year - or was it the year before !! :-)

Keep on progressing.....


Congratulations. Like you I also now feel great - on 50/75mcg levo and feel I am at last in control. I had a flare-up during my first year on treatment, so now know how to look out and manage this too. Being on this site has helped me understand so much.

I think I'm very lucky that levo suits me, for now anyway.

You're right - it is important for there to be positive posts. Thank you for sharing.




Great to hear something positive - it's reassuring to know that it's possible to feel normal again! Really glad for you x


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