Hi! Blood results today were as follows: TSH 1.5. FT4 10.2 (range 10-24). I've been on 50mg of Levothyroxine for 3 months.

Previous results after 6 weeks on 25mg of Levothyroxine were TSH 1.8 FT4 10.6.

Before I started on any thyroid medication TSH was 3.8 and FT4 was 9.6.

Whilst I'm glad that my TSH levels are coming down, I'm confused about my FT4 results. Surely, on 50mg on Levo,my FT4 should be higher than 10.2 ? (even though the receptionist at my GP's office reassures me that these are perfectly normal results!!!)

Any ideas?! Thanks x

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  • Well, they're not perfectly normal results, but what would a receptionist know about it!

    They are the results of a hypo who's been on a starter dose for twice as long as she should have been. Your doctor should have tested you six weeks after increasing to 50 mcg, and increased again. Your dose is too low, that's all. I wouldn't expect your FT4 to be much higher on 50 mcg. I bet you feel awful, don't you?

    Your TSH obviously does not reflect your thyroid status very well. Even when your FT4 was below range, the TSH wasn't that high, it should have been more like 10 at least. So, whatever you do, do not let your doctor dose you by the TSH! If he starts saying that according to the TSH, you are optimally treated, just say 'secondary hypo', which means that the TSH is low and the Frees are low, because the problem is not with your thyroid gland, it is with your pituitary.

    But see what your doctor says when you see him. Just ignore the receptionist! :)

  • Thank you greygoose! Will definately be making an appointment with my gp on Monday! X

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Going to my GP in 3 weeks to get my results (had antibodies done hence the wait) Can I take you with me greygoose ??

  • I'd come if l could. :) But l live rather a long way away...

  • Oh thank you! greygoose It's the thought that counts!

  • :)

  • I see from previous posts you have raised antibodies - so Hashimotos - have you tried going gluten free?

    Also had your vitamin D tested yet?

  • Hi Slowdragon!Tried going gluten free but struggling!! No- haven't had my vit D tested x

  • You could ask GP to test Vit D - can say you've read that it can commonly be low in Hashimoto's

    There's plenty of info to support this on Internet - eg

    If GP won't test, you can get it checked for £28 via postal service from NHS City Assay Vit d test

    Gluten free - read The thyroid pharmacist website. Or Amy Myers have plenty of supporting info

    Going gluten free.....Bread is the tough one .....M&S brown seedy one is best I have found

    They also do good GF cakes & buscuits, but most supermarkets have quite choice these days

    If you can give it a good go for 2-3 months, worth it to see if it helps

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