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h pylori

have been suffering with chronic heartburn for months tried everything then doc prescribed zantac and I took gaviscon as it didn't work that good also feel much more tired then I usually do, so doc said I could do a stool test to see if it's helicobacter pylori after I sent it in I looked it up on the net and all the sites I looked said you shouldn't do the test until all the antacids were out of your stystem at least a week, so wasn't surprised when it came back normal asked her if the antacids would affect the tests oh no she said but what do GP's know.

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I have had a lot of heartburn and indigestion for many months, and was directed to Mastic Gum by a nutritionist and have been taking it regularly and my symptoms are almost completely gone, if he could only find someone to solve my thyroid problems. Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon.

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Have you tried taking probiotics? There are loads of different types of probiotics, I always used to take them after I had been taking antibiotics, the ones that I had to keep in the fridge were quite expensive but they were probably the best.

I didn't think you were supposed to take things like Zantac and Gaviscon if you were taking levo but I'm not 100% sure on that. I might be something else that I take that doesn't go with them.



Are you sure it is too much acid? Look up hypochlorhydria - which is low stomach acid and the links to the thyroid problems. I think there is easy test info on this site too...taking a small amount of bicarb whilst thing in the morning to see if you burp. Might be malabsorption problems.... If Gaviscon etc are not working - then could be you are causing more problems for yourself - and the opposite is the case. I know.......


Have to agree totally... my partner had "acid reflux" and was prescribed omeprazole leading eventually to actual malnutrition after about 3.5 years!

It was LOW acid!

Hydrochloric acid capsules (betaine hydrochloride) has made a life changing difference!

lots of info out there eg. :


Yes been taking bi carb to ease the heartburn anyway and I do burb more or less straight away


I can't seem to access the TUK search database at the moment.

The key is you have to do the bicarb test first thing on an empty stomach - for a result. Yes, bicarb will work to ease the digestion as will celery - brilliant! Beware....celery is a goitrogenic - but it does work quickly for heartburn. I now use in soups etc.

There is also a beetroot test for stomach acid which is quite interesting!

There is also absolutely no harm in trying Betaine or some digestive enzymes. Dr P advocates if there are any digestive problems – if either/both these work – then no need for prescription antacids.


Tried the digestive enzymes they didn't do anything am taking garlic pills some say that's supposed to help


You certainly have tried...poor you!

I have had both gastroscopy and colonscopy to try and find out what has been happening with me....everything negative although am awaiting final test results for malabsorption.

My bowels have calmed down since taking L-Carnitine. This link gives info on the hypER connection which I discovered afterwards.

Another product you might like to look at is EcoBalance - I am thinking of trying this I like Cinnamon/glove tea (both help digestive tract and bacteria problems. It is a combination treatment also used for Candida and supported by Dr P. Some very interesting ingredients which you might find of interest.....the garlic and probiotics.


I am going to try the manuka honey next that's plan A plan B arsonic I think


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