Hi all this week i had a diagnosis of a stomach bacteria ,H,pylori this awful bacteria in 50% of the pop, onne of main causes of stomach ulcers ann very hard to treat naturally needing at least 2 antibiotics + anti acid treatment ,yuk kills good bacteria too...

Reason for posting is that it throws a lot of thyroid symptoms up ie. leaching vit b12, anxiety etc.

A locum dr. suggested i test for it ,done by breath sample or stool, madly on confirmation it was a eureka moment as iv been like a head less chicken...running round.Normally caught as a child and rears its head 40s on aprox, loads on internet regards this shocker, wish me luck ..

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  • Hi there more common than you think... I have had this, also my partner years ago.. I seem to remember three weeks of antibiotics.. then gone: However I took afterwards the strongest probiotics I could get my hands on.. for 6 weeks, then reduced to normal strong daily dose, I also used manuka honey, (high factor) for three months, plus mastic gum... I had no further problems with it, neither did my partner... however if you don't put the gut flora back, it can make things worse, hence the probiotic. Wishing you luck.. at least you have had the diagnosis..Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary feel better already, knowing you cracked it,Gareth aka Sawdog..

  • It is.. and avoid oily food of any sort.. until you have treated it! You almost as well as the stuff above, need to rest the gut.. and let it recover. Good luck. Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary f, top data all logged and taken on board,Gareth

  • What are the symptoms? can it cause acid/heartburn?? I've been on Lansoprazole for 2 years and wondering if this might be the cause of the problem.......


  • Yes Niclolajane they can be, i considered i had thyroid trouble as symptoms so alike ,had never heard off it, untill this locum come up with the idea of it , had breath test for it ,sent for lab test, none of my gps over 3 years ever even considered it... got to check my girlfriend not got it too, as it can be passed on,drinks food etc. beam in on da net, lots on it..worth a thought. nb. i used a organic apple cider for my acid , bionia brand seemed to help.. all thats best NJ.. Gareth

  • should have added apple cider VINEGAR,not da booze soz nj.

  • I think it is as disgusting as the rotten thyroid treatment that Helicobacter pylori still gets missed so often. The guy that discovered it back in 1982 was derided initially for saying this caused stomach ulcers.

    It took years for GPs to take this on board (despite media reports) and stop treating ulcers with the traditional diet regime. I remember telling my Mum that her ulcer (she suffered for many years) could be treated with anti biotics but her GP would have none of it and I couldn't persuade my Mum to complain. Later in life, she developed Pernicious Anaemia and died of stomach cancer.

    Later, my husband developed stomach ulcers and his not so bright GP kept prescribing indigestion mixtures - until I told my hubby I was going to become an interfering wife and march to the surgery if he didn't ask to be checked for gastroscopy and tested for H Pylori

    Sure enough it was positive and he was given a course of two anti-bitotics over three weeks. During his treatment with the hospital, I asked the consultant how do you know if it has been cured by the anti biotics. He told me that they used to do a breath test to check but they had cut back on that. I told him that was not good enough and he smiled and said - we have to do it if a patient requests it so I suggest you request it then.

    Please, please make sure you ask to be re-tested after your treatment to make sure it has gone and don't take no for an answer.

  • Wow Editfmrt that was so interesting and thanks for info , sorry your mum got shabby treatment ,oddly my treatment is for only one week,in a way glad ,but the original gold standard was 14 days, same gear, cost cutter i dont know? Cure rate 70% aprox or more or a different sort of a/b..! Have been a/bs clean most of life so hope that helps my odds

    I know its not a thyroid issue but feel the syptoms so similar, might be worth a ponder by our crew..Gareth

  • This is an excerpt

    Several studies have already been published on Mastika Mastic Gum with regard to its positive effects on the gastrointestinal environment, thus gaining respect among the scientific and medical community. Perhaps the most exciting breakthrough to date is that of a recent study showing Mastika Mastic Gum’s effectiveness against at least seven different strains of Helicobacter pylori.


  • Thanks Shaws getting geared up this week, proibotics too , as also Mary f suggested ,feed back will be forthcoming, thanks for link.

  • http:/ /www.jonbarron.org/article/your-stomach-part-3

    few of the syptoms of this bug and its biology, can you see the similar nature of symptoms and you dont have to have the ulcer..doh

  • As I understand 80% of the world have h/pylori, and it mostly is harmless, I think it depends on the balance. I have had 2 goes at the triple therapy and its nasty with failure, I now take mastic gum and this relieves burning and other symptoms, then I give it a rest, until it plays up again.


  • Got the gum (mastika)today Helen ,, are you still not clear of hp after 2 go,s?or did it recur?thanks Gareth

  • Hi Gareth

    The results both times showed evidence of recent infection , positive, it maybe its because I am allergic to penacillin, which does not help.

    Best wishes and good luck Helen

  • If I recall it was Barry Marshall and a colleague in Australia who found the heli....bug. I remember watching a programme on TV about them and surprise surprise the drug companies were the ones who made a lot of problems for them, the reason because they would lose so much money from the anti acid drugs they sell! Back in the early 90s when I was in a lot of pain from stomach problems and drinking milk of magnesia like it was going out of fashion, I had a finger prick blood test which showed I had the heli......bug and was given a course of a mixture of antibiotics. I had had a duodenal ulcer but never had a problem since. Thanks to insisting to the GP I had the heli.... test. Thank you Barry Marshall for his research all those years ago. And no thanks to the pharmaceutical companies. Sadly people are still suffering and are not routinely tested, Another case of knowledge is power!

  • Hymermad top info, so good to hear you are clear of hp, did you try any hebal/ natural gear in your repair? Gareth

  • Maniuka honey with at least active 10 does trick google it x

  • Thats the original sweet medicine...honey beats a/bs denid thanks.

  • l had this approx 10 years ago and have been on lanzoprazol since then surely this cannot be a good thing ?

  • mamame the dr.,gave me that to take with antibiotics, no it dont sound a good thing 10 years of anti acid gear.. on the natural route at mo, but i hear its a real tough hombre to whack with out a/bs,keep well yourself, G

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