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Ok, I'm backed and armed with my latest results. Are they OK?

My GP assures me they are all fine but these days I prefer the community and expert advice on here.

I'm currently taking 100 mg thyroxine.

Latest blood tests

Serum TSH level: 0.50

Serum free T4: 15.0pmol/L

Serum free T3: 4.0pmol/L

I would appreciate any advice in the above as I'm feeling a tad better but not great, still have all the tiredness, general lethargy, weight gain etc

Thanks x

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what are your reference ranges?


Assessment/advice would be greatly helped by supplying the ranges for each item, labs differ.

Your data could be assumed to be too low for optimal health but assessment against ranges much more accurate.


Yes - ranges please :) xx


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