my latest thyroid results

i have just asked for an increase from 75mg levothyroxine (actavis) to 100mg, my blood tests are from being on 75mg for 6 weeks:,

serum TSH 3.68 mu/L ( range 0.35-4.5)

serum free T4 level 17.3 pmol/L (range 11.0- 24.0)

how high can my free T4 be before its too high?

my dr seems to be pleased with Free T4 result but im not nor with tsh at 3.68, I want to get it down to 1 if possible.

any help gratefully appreciated.

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  • Hi minus, you are right, he is wrong. Your T4 can go to 24 so don't worry about that. It's you level of FT3 (free T3 that is the more important one in determining overdosing but not always). For some obtuse reasoning, the NHS seems to restrict the testing for FT3 and prefer relying on the FT4 . But I think you would know if you are getting into an area of over medication i. e. breathlessness, exhaustion, palpitations, perhaps muscle issues but you are are going about this the right way so I doubt that will happen. Keep pressing for a dose that makes you feel well. There are some co factors you should also be aware of. Also should add that you can get some of your own blood tests done through Blue Horizon if you find it impossible through your own GP.

  • Minus, according to Dr. A. Toft (ex-president of the BTA) some patients need a low or suppressed TSH to feel well and in that case FT4 may go over range to 28 which is fine as long as FT3 remains within range.

    Email if you want a copy of the article to show your GP.

  • Your TSH is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement, which probably means that your FT3 is too low. Somehow, you really ought to get that tested.

  • Yes grey goose I do need that chackng ft3

  • No I didn't (sandy 12 )left 24 hrs before blood test as advised on this forum.

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