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Undigested food in faeces?

Ok, not the most pleasant subject I know but I happened to notice yesterday that there was undigested food when I went to the loo. Not noticed that before. I am on paracetamol and codiene for my pain and on an antacid (for acid reflux) the doctor prescribed (can't remember what it's called, a very commonly prescribed one apparently as both my dad and brother use it, which I didn't know until a few days ago!).

Just had a culture taken of my phlegm (that was gross, collecting it) but don't know results yet. It was to find out if there was any bacteria present as I am prone to chest infections.

Currently waiting to have second tests done for thyroid as they won't treat on my last borderline hypo result without a second test and recently diagnosed by gp (not specialist) as fibro. I also suffer from a sore throat (no lumps I can see although the glands seem to be permanently up) and high level of congestion, makes my voice sound funny. Came out in yet another cold very suddenly a few days ago.

Anyway, getting back to my original question, any thoughts? I only added the rest to give an overall picture. My health has been pretty rubbish since May half term, before which I was very active, walking more than 20 miles a week, swimming and doing high cardio vascular exercise once a week (apart from the walking). I am still trying to keep up the once a week exercise as it is very important to me for training purposes but have had to almost entirely cut out the walking (now doing 2 miles or less where I was doing 6 or more). I fall asleep every afternoon and despite sleeping reasonably (often wake during the night but usually only once or twice and then it's due to discomfort) and cannot miss a single dose of pain killers without being in considerable discomfort. The doctor is aware of most of this but thought I would ask here about the food issue.

Sorry for the length.

Any feedback would be welcomed. Thanks.

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The only food I know that seems to pass through the system undigested are sweetcorn kernals and the skin of some plums, which I think is fairly normal for everyone.

Sorry I can't help further


Thanks for the suggestion, but I had neither of those foodstuffs sadly. I guess I'll mention it to the doc next time I go.


There is a link btwn low stomach acid and hypothyroidism. I was having the same problem as you and with a lot of bloating and pain. I thought I had indigestion and my GP increased omeprazole and I think it completely killed my stomach acid. I did the self test


and stopped anti acids and started taking nutrigest and betaine and I have started healing my stomach acid



That is interesting Roslin, thanks. I will do the two weeks he asked me to. Already bunged up to the nines, although I've now just been put on Amoxycillin for an infection which should get things shifting again. Once all is sorted I will look into alternative methods.


I also now use Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes for my long term stomach issues, as well as drastically changing my diet (no gluten, sugar, grains etc), but maybe you won't need to do all of this. I also was previously on Omeprazole for the acid reflux. My stomach is now the best it's been for most of my life (I am 61).

If you google Omeprazole you will see that it can have a number of undesired long term effects that the Dr won't tell you of. Just be aware that it can also be difficult to withdraw from and you may get rebound acid issues, so perhaps come off it gradually when you do.

Don't forget to take some good probiotics following the antibiotic too!


Hi Agapanthus I have been on omeprozole for burping all the time , only for about three days and already I see evidence of undigested food! I have not taken it for two days and already my insides are gurgling again.


Get yourself some good digestive enzymes with hci in them! X


Hi I know gut problems are very common in thtroid patients, I have had IBS for ever but got so fed of painful bloating, wind, dioreah and constipation most foods go straight through so not getting the nutrients I have taken the plunge to go gluten free ( 7 months now) and I am mostly free of all these unpleasant probs, not easy and costly but I feel worth it, ask doctor for a collieac or wheat intolerance test to rule this prob out, good luck


I have an under active thyroid and have now cut out bread.


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain......just a bit concerned about you taking codeine as a painkiller as some years ago I had a gallstone attack and was given codeine which created more pain in the intestines further down the abdomen....my doctor immediately took me off them apologising saying they had probably constipated me.With the problems you have constipation is the last thing you need.

Hope you get well soon.


Thank you all for your replies.

My older brother is coeliac so it is possible, although when I was tested about a decade ago I was given the all clear. My younger brother has IBS but refuses to get treated. I'm already taking a pro-biotic daily but obviously it'll make little difference with all that medication in my system.

Agapanthus, I already looked up the effects of the med, lol and yes, it's lovely, although the weight loss would be nice. :D

Polly where would I find such a thing? Would I need a decent health food store? Or would the supermarket have something. Eitheris easy enough, just useful to know to save me two trips with my limited energy.

Marfit, if I continue to have problems I will inform the doctor and hopefully get something different. I have taken codiene before without trouble, but it's always something to watch., especially since the pain has been lower down the gut.

My daughter said, last night, that I spell like hospital. My skin smells of medication. How nice.


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